Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets Are As Good as Gone

Kevin NesgodaCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2010

Green and Gold will be the Hornets new colors come next season
Green and Gold will be the Hornets new colors come next season

The NBA now owns the team that will be formerly known as the New Orleans Hornets and there isn’t much the city can really do about it.

Gary Chouest was to be their white knight in shining armor; instead of riding in on his stead with another 50 clichés in tow, he tucked his tail and walked away from the situation.

I don’t blame him—he has much more to worry about: His business has been severely affected by the recent ban on off-shore drilling. He needs to worry about keeping his pockets lined, not keeping a basketball team in New Orleans.

Currently, I am feeling for the true basketball fans in New Orleans. We in Seattle have gone through the same thing you are about to go through and sadly, our two cities are going to end up hating each other in some form or another.

Find solace in the fact that the Saints are going to be able to beat the crap out of the Seahawks for the next 15 years and you’ll probably win another Super Bowl or two with Drew Brees.

Did Seattle have anything to look forward to when the Sonics left?

The Seahawks are going to be rebuilding for the next few years and were only competitive because of a really easy schedule and the Mariners, well…they are the Mariners.

From our experience in Seattle, it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s not going to make a difference.

You can hold rallies, fight the new owner in court and so on down the line, but it doesn’t matter.

The Hornets are gone.

Don’t believe anything Stern says. He’s not looking for a local bidder, unless that person writes the biggest check. He’ll sell the team and move to Zimbabwe if it helps get the Hornets out of debt.

Kansas City has lukewarm interest, Vegas is a thought and so is Anaheim, but an addition to a team in Anaheim would severely oversaturate the L.A. market.

Seattle also has interest and Steve Ballmer and Matt Griffin seem to be under a gag order. They had an opportunity to say that they were not going to buy the team today, but instead chose to have no comment.

Ballmer and Griffin have more money in their bank accounts than all New Orleans’ residents combined.

New Orleans could save the team if each resident wrote the NBA a check for $722.13, but we know that won’t happen.

I’m sorry New Orleans, but the Hornets are good and we promise to take very good care of your team here and we’ll be sure to give Charlotte the Hornets name and colors back.

Maybe one day, the Jazz will be rightfully returned to you.