Why the Wisconsin Badgers are the Most Underated Team in the NCAA

Jake KarmelCorrespondent IIDecember 6, 2010

Coach Bielema looks on while his team takes on Ohio State.
Coach Bielema looks on while his team takes on Ohio State.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

When it comes to college football, bias plays a big role. If you are going to sit there and tell me there is no bias in NCAA Football, you need to open your eyes. The most under-rated football team in the NCAA calls home in Madison, Wisconsin along the shores of Lake Mendota, the University of Wisconsin Badgers. 

There are many reasons why this juggernaut of a team is the most under-rated team in the NCAA. They are the prime example for the need for a playoff system instead of the current corrupt BCS computer system. 

Look at who Wisconsin has played this year and their margin of victory. 

Ohio State

When Wisconsin played Ohio State, the Buckeyes were the nation's number one team. Wisconsin straight up dominated them. The Badgers never lost the lead. The then two-headed monster of John Clay and James White rushed for 179 yards and three touchdowns against the "stout" Ohio State run defense. 

Senior quarterback, Scott Tolzein, who many people still doubt had a good game himself. He was 13-16 for 152 yards and one interception. Although he threw an interception, he was still very efficient. 

Also in this game, the questioned UW defense stepped up big. They held the powerful OSU offense to 18 points. The defense also sacked the speedy Pryor three times! 

Final margin of victory: 13 points. 

Indiana University 

I know many people say, "You played IU. Beating IU in football is not anything." Take a look at why this means a lot. 

Without one time Heisman candidate, John Clay, the Badgers rushed for 315 yards and five touchdowns between James White and Montee Ball. 

Senior quarterback, Tolzein had a great game once again. In three quarters of play, he was 15-18 with three touchdowns for 181 yards. 

Not even Ohio State, Michigan, Purdue, Penn State, or Illinois did something similar to Indiana. 

Final margin of victory: 63 points. 

University of Michigan

The "Big House" in Ann Arbor is arguably one of the hardest places to play in the entire country. That did not phase the Badgers. 

James White and Montee Ball once again did not disappoint. They posted over 350 yards and 6 touchdowns combined on the Michigan run defense. 

Not even Michigan State, Iowa, Penn State, Illinois, or Ohio State came close in doing the same amount of damage as Wisconsin. 

Final margin of victory: 20 points. 


Northwestern was a threat in the Big Ten when the year began. They gave Michigan State a scare, beat Indiana, and dominated Iowa. This team is no cupcake. 

Then they played Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin rushed for 317 yards and five touchdowns once again without John Clay. 

JJ Watt and the Wisconsin defense forced four fumbles and four interceptions. JJ Watt alone had seven tackles, three for a loss, two forced fumbles, a sack, and a blocked kick. 

Final margin of victory: 47 points. 

Final Thoughts

For crying out loud, since Wisconsin's 21 point victory over Purdue in West Lafayette they have outscored opponents 201 to 71. That does not even include the victory over Purdue. 

Wisconsin's Rose Bowl opponent, TCU, can not even come close. In their last three games (at Utah, vs. San Diego State, and at New Mexico) they have outscored their opponents 153 to 59.

I do not want to hear that Utah and San Diego State are better teams than Indiana, Michigan, and Northwestern. That is just false. Big Ten football is better than the joke of Mountain West football any day of the week. Any NCAA Football enthusiast knows this as true. 

Wisconsin deserves more respect than they currently get. Plain and simple. They are a national powerhouse this year and deserve to be recognized as one. 


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