Cammy Cam Juice: The Fuel Behind Auburn's Star Quarterback Cam Newton

Nathan DealCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2010

28 passing TDs. 20 rushing TDs. One receiving TD. That's 49 touchdowns, folks! FORTY-NINE!

How does Auburn's Cam Newton do it?

Some say it's his sheer athleticism. Some say it's the system he runs. Some say it's just destiny. But more than anything, his secret to success is..... Cammy Cam Juice.

CBS's Tracy Wolfson tried some for herself and she felt the power.

Cammy Cam Juice is so powerful that it is required that I type it in bold whenever I mention it. Watch: Cammy Cam Juice.

The ingredients were limited on the broadcast to a mix of different Gatorade flavors. It can't just be that. What else is in Cammy Cam Juice?

1) There's a possibility that there is anti-Kryptonite potion in the mix.

2)  There's also rumors swirling that grass from Baton Rouge is in the mix. Les Miles likes to eat it and he seems pretty lucky, so Cam thought, "Why not?"

3) He probably poured some 5-Hour Energy in there as well. Actually, he probably only does this when the game is on CBS.

Cammy Cam Juice is the fuel behind Auburn's star quarterback. It is the drink that powers the eventual Heisman winner.

Now, in the spirit of Christmas season, here is a poem about Cammy Cam Juice:

"'Twas the night of the title, and all through the dome,

All of the Tigers were smiling, all the Gamecocks were headed home.

Tracy Wolfson on the sideline, asking stupid "Q's",

Cam Newton said to her, "I've got something for you."

She tried it and said it was a little too sweet,

But Cam used it to help the Tigers win the SEC.

When Cam's making the drink after many long runs,

He pours them in and counts the flavors one by one.

On Strawberry, on Grape, on Banana, on Orange,

On Blueberry, on Lemon, on Cherry, on....... more Orange.

He puts it in a bottle and shakes it up hard

Knowing he's he best player in college football so far."

When Cam Newton wins the Heisman, he had better not forget to thank.... Cammy Cam Juice.