Philadelphia Eagles Need to Blitz the Dallas Cowboys More

Jack WindhamAnalyst IDecember 4, 2010

Philadelphia Eagles Defense
Philadelphia Eagles DefenseJim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles defense needs to focus more on what they're great at: blitzing.

In the game against the Houston Texans, the Eagles blitzed on only 25 percent of the passing plays.

I'm not saying that they should raise the blitz percentage to the rate that Madden 11 players do, but it should be more than just a quarter of the time.

Blitz packages are what make the Eagles effective as a defensive unit.

Texans quarterback Matt Schaub statistically performs a lot better on plays where the Eagles did not blitz.

When the team sent just four guys into the offensive backfield, Schaub had plenty of time to throw because his offensive line was able to hold the point of attack.

There were plays where the entire unit looked like they were headed to the Pro Bowl this year.

Against the Dallas Cowboys, who the Eagles play on December 12, there has to be a lot more bodies flying into the backfield.

Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott is going to have to send pressure at Cowboys quarterback Jon Kitna. The veteran has performed admirably, but he has been known to struggle against a good pass rush.

Another reason why the Eagles need to send blitzes is because the Cowboys offensive line is weak at the edges. Tackles Marc Colombo and Doug Free are far from being the best in the league against a good pass rush.

As a unit, the Cowboys offensive line has shown that they are vulnerable to stunts and blitzes. The leadership and organization has been lacking on the line this year.

Eagles have to blitz, blitz, blitz to win, win, win.