LeBron James: The Cleveland Cavaliers Versus the Miami Heat is About Closure

Dexter RogersCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2010

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After LeBron James and the Miami Heat square off against the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight, will this bring about closure for Cleveland fans?

Will it bring closure to LeBron?

No matter what I think it is time for Cleveland fans to let it go after tonight and move on.

This scenario reminds me of seeing you’re your ex-girlfriend for the first time after a horrid breakup.  LeBron left his first love for the allure and luster of another that was supposed to be better.

Instead of coming LeBron coming back to town with the new love of his life all smiles, he enters this contest quite possibly second-guessing his decision to leave. 

From the inconsistent play of the Miami Heat it is starting to look like the grass in Miami was not as green as he projected when he made “The Decision.”

Quite frankly the team is struggling.  The Miami Heat are as cold as the wind off Lake Erie.  There is no team chemistry whatsoever.  LeBron is bickering with his coach and they have no inside presence to speak of.  This should give Cleveland fans some measure of satisfaction.

It has been suggested home is where the heart is. Cleveland was never really LeBron’s home. He has made it emphatically clear he is an Akron guy.  

Without question he will be greeted with a relentless barrage of boos.  The fans will release their collective disdain for the King who left to rule another franchise.

So what happens after booing stops?  What happens after the game is over and the rage subsides?  

Both teams will be forced to move with their lives. Perhaps this will be the final step of acceptance for Cleveland fans to see LeBron in a Miami Heat uniform that he is really gone.

Cleveland fans have wondered for months what went wrong.

Where did the love go?  

Now fans realize there is no real love in sports.  The love they had for LeBron went to South Beach.  

By many accounts, LeBron duped Cleveland.  I would not go that far but he could have handled how he left in a better fashion.  I am quite sure if could call a 20-second timeout and hit the reset button he would do it all over again differently.

Pre-“The Decision” LeBron was embraced by many.  Post-decision he was cast as the ultimate villain. Cavalier’s owner Dan Gilberts’ rant really stoked the coals fueling disdain for King James.  Gilbert made a rant for the ages that, in my opinion, harbored racial undertones.  

In early October, LeBron did an interview with CNN which he expressed race played a factor in how he has been treated in the media.

LeBron shared with the world the racist tweets he has received from angry fans as well.

Is all of this dislike really called for?

LeBron fulfilled his contractual obligations to the team.  Stripped to its bare essence this is about an athlete whose contract expired.   It is about an athlete who exercised his right as a free agent to play for another team.  


From an economical standpoint, the money the Cavaliers lost due to LeBron’s departure and the money Miami made as a result of his arrival will never end up in the pockets of fans.  

Have you ever stopped to think why have we been conditioned to care so much about athletes who we largely know little about?  

Sorry to say, but some fans care more than the athletes themselves. I’ve seen it while covering sports. Typically most athletes move on quickly.

Did you all see quarterback Derek Anderson of the Arizona Cardinals Monday night?  He was having a nice friendly chat with a teammate on the sideline with a big smile on his face while his team was getting their butts handed to them towards the end of the game.

If many of the athletes don’t care then why should you?  This brings me to my point.

This game tonight is about moving on and closure: Nothing more, nothing less. 

Many of those who dislike LeBron will boo him yet the vast majority of them don’t have a relationship with him.  

So why care?

As sports fan the media induces us to care: Sometimes to a level that borders on down right irrational behavior.  Fans care because they love sports and it is a big part of their lives.  I can fully attest to the latter.

As a professional and a fan, I will watch, but will do so with a keen awareness. Even though I love sports at the end of the day this really isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.  There are things transpiring in society which far outweigh what LeBron James does or doesn’t do.

Hopefully after the game is over everyone can move on and, as the Beatles would say, “let it be.”  

Just like in life people come and people go.  Embrace those who stay and let those go that choose to leave.

LeBron James has moved on. I think after the game tonight the city of Cleveland should do the same.

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