Win or Lose Nebraska to Get Last Laugh: TCU Foresees the End of the Big 12

Andrew 'Martie' CarlsonCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2010

DALLAS - NOVEMBER 29:  Texas Christian University Athletics Director Chris Del Conte talks with the media after TCU accepted an invitation for full membership into The Big East Conference on November 29, 2010 in Fort Worth, Texas.  TCU will leave the Mountain West Conference for The Big East in July 2012.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Nebraska versus Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship, win or lose Nebraska could end up with the final parting shot to be fired sometime late next year or the year after when the Big 12 implodes under the weight of Texas. The writing was placed on the wall by another Texas team this week, TCU.

Why would a team so close to the center of the Big 12 go so far away to play football?

It isn't because TCU is afraid of Texas. TCU will play anybody in the Big 12 and this year would probably beat them—look at what they did to a good Baylor team this year. TCU was looking for an automatic qualifier and that's what they found in the Big East. But why? Could it be that TCU sees the Big 12 is in serious trouble?

The two power teams of the Big 12 are Oklahoma and Texas, then you have Oklahoma State and Texas A&M, followed by little sister teams Baylor (which is having a resurgent year), Texas Tech, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri and Iowa State.

The teams that get the lion's share of the football dollars are Oklahoma and Texas, and they aren't giving that up to anybody else new or old in the conference. TCU knew that this unfair advantage was against them and went to the Big East.

So what will probably happen in the next two years is the reason why TCU has gone east, catastrophic failure in the Big 12. When that happens where will big "Brothers" Texas and Oklahoma and all their little siblings go?

Here's a scenario:

  1. Big 12 announces the departure of a number of teams. The Big 12 is no longer a viable entity as the members of the conference are gobbled up by other super conferences. Huskers say nothing, Colorado gloats.
  2. Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and a team outside the Big 12—probably resurgent SMU—form the SEC super-conference with 16 teams.
  3. The Pac-10 takes Hawaii, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Houston to form the West super 16 conference.
  4. The Big Ten grabs Virginia, Rutgers and Boston College solidifying the Boston, New York and Washington markets. Big Ten Network households rival ESPN's.
  5. The remaining teams in the ACC and Big East combine to form a 16 team super-conference jettisoning Cincinnati.
  6. With three super conferences of 16 teams, the Big Ten forces the hand of Notre Dame with a take it or leave it offer. Either Notre Dame joins the Big Ten or they are out of the national picture forever.
  7. Notre Dame capitulates and four super conferences exist. Therefore the NCAA forms a new division consisting of the Elite Four conferences each with 16 teams. A football playoff system is devised.
  8. Leftover teams are divided into new conferences with a playoff system for the second-tier teams.

Therefore, TCU has jumped ship into a conference that will save them when the final disaster of the Big 12 is realized in two years.

Nebraska quietly has final laugh at the Big 12's expense.