Civil War! Analyzing the Dividing Line of the IWC and the Miz

Chris FreemanCorrespondent INovember 28, 2010

Why so serious IWC? It seems ever since Monday, we have been at each other's throats over one person: The Miz. I don't have to go into details, but for those who didn't see (all 5 of you), The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank contract against Randy Orton and became the new WWE Champion. The ticking time bomb that is the IWC immediately blew up and has been at war with itself ever since. The majority of people, especially here on B/R, have been flaming each other for liking, or hating, the Miz, while a small minority have been trying to reasonably and constructively discuss this issue and argue for or against the Miz. However, this small group of sane people are few and far between, lost amidst the comments of "The Miz sucks! He is awwwwwful!" and "The Miz is awwwwesome!" This doesn't seem to be ending either. You can't even get on B/R without an article about the Miz popping up somewhere and me writing this article won't help that either. However, I felt like I needed to take a look at what ails the IWC.

First, let's take a look at this issue from the eyes of a Mizfit:

The Miz has worked his way up from the very bottom to the very top.

This is a very popular argument made for the Miz. The guy started out in Tough Enough placing in 2nd behind Daniel Puder. However, the WWE saw something in him that allowed him to earn a developmental contract. After working in there for a while, he was called up to the main roster, to be the "host" of Smackdown and to host the Divas Search. To me, that's as low as you can go. When he started actually wrestling, he really sucked. But he didn't quit. He kept on going. Even when he became unpopular backstage; even when he received jeers from the crowd for his hairdo or for his lack of in-ring skills, he still pressed on. Because this wasn't just a job to the guy. This was a dream. After 5 years of hard work, he was finally awarded with the WWE Championship. But he didn't get there overnight. Don't forget, he's a former US Champ, World Tag Team Champ, and Unified Tag Team Champ.

The Miz has vastly improved since he began.

Another popular stance, but a very true one. Like I said, the Miz sucked when he began. His opportunity arose when he was placed in a tag team with John Morrison on ECW. Together, they formed one of WWE's best tag teams of this generation. They complimented each other so well both on the mic and in the ring. Soon, they broke up and began feuding, a feud which saw Miz win twice against Morrison. After all of this, along with a "feud" with John Cena, WWE finally began paying attention and starting pushing the Miz. Slowly, but surely. He won the US title from Kofi and then became Unified Tag Team champion with Big Show. All this time, Miz was getting even better with each passing match. Fast forward a year from his match with John Cena and you'll see Miz facing off against Cena once again, this time on RAW. After previously being squashed, The Miz was able to hold his own against Cena and almost achieved victory, until Daniel Bryan interfered and attacked his former NXT pro. Needless to say, the guy is getting better.

The Miz is excellent on the mic/one of the best on the mic.

These three points make up, what I like to call, the "Big Three Points of Awesomeness." The Miz seems very natural on the mic, playing the role of the douchebag very well. He knows how to carry a crowd, often getting a series of cheers or a series of boos depending on what he's saying and to whom. He's so good at what he does that, despite being booed by the audience, they still chant "I'm Awesome" along with him. To me, The Miz is one of the more interesting characters in WWE. He likes to show off to the crowd, which actually feels very real and I'll bet we're going to get a big speech this coming Monday when he's bragging about winning the title and how its a dream come true.

The Miz's title reign comes at a pivotal moment, as the main event scene was starting to stagnate.

Looking at the current main event scene, the Miz cashing in was one of the best ideas the WWE could've come up with. With Triple H injured, Jericho taking a break, HBK and Batista gone from the company, and John Cena "fired", the RAW main event scene looks like this: Randy Orton, Sheamus, Wade Barrett. Randy Orton won the title from Sheamus at Night of Champions and then defeated him in the rematch at Hell in a Cell. Wade Barrett got three shots in a row for the title. Considering how Orton beat every guy the current main event scene had, adding a new guy was the only logical next step, instead of two more months of Barrett vs Orton. Plus, once Miz beats Orton in the rematch (because face it, with this kind of buzz, they're not going to have him drop the title so soon), it'll open the way for more midcarders to enter the main event (including the ever popular John Morrison).

The Miztakes, as they are apparently called, see things from a different perspective. Let's take a look at a few of their views.

The Miz is a former reality TV star.

In my opinion, this is the main reason for why many people do not like this guy. He was on Real World and many people feel that this does not make a WWE Champion. Well, many people were wrong, because Miz is the WWE Champion. Some people have claimed that Miz winning the title is the equivalent of David Arquette winning the WCW Title. However, this claim is completely false. Yes, Arquette and Miz both have crossover appeal, but they are two different people. Whereas Arquette was brought into WCW after barely any training and given the title to promote a less than stellar movie (Ready 2 Rumble), the Miz was given a contract and worked his way up, training to be an actual performer.

The Miz cannot carry a match.

He also can't wrestle. Unless Miz is facing Big Show, Undertaker, or some other monster, the Miz is on the majority of the offense during his matches. Plus, the guy can sell a move pretty well, something that I've heard people complain about Cena (though I think that's just his gimmick, so its no big deal). This sounds like carrying to me, though it can also be argued that none of Miz's opponents need carrying and neither does Miz. Plus, his moveset is average-above average and gets plenty of crowd reaction.

The Miz's catchphrase is corny and simplistic.

"I'm the Miz and I'm awesome!" Yeah, actually that isn't the best catch phrase in the world. I mean, its no "If you smeeeeeeeeellllllllll, what the Rock is cooking?" Then again, what is? "Rest in Peace." Cheesy and cliched for his gimmick. "Suck it." Simple, but cheesy for its era (the Attitude Era). "You're Fired." Yeah he's the boss and that's what he does. See? This is the point of catch phrases. They're simple, cheesy, and give you something to remember your favorite superstars by whenever you aren't watching. As a kid, I remember telling people to "suck it" when they made me mad. As an adult, I can't help but thinking about Miz whenever I hear someone say "that's awesome!" Corny? Yes. Effective? Undeniably.

The Miz isn't ready for the title and is being shoved down our throats.

Guess what? Anyone who's anyone who has ever held the title before has been shoved down our throats. Hogan, Stone Cold, Cena, Orton, Edge. These are all guys that were shoved down our throats, because WWE shoves people down our throats because they think thats what we want to see. And well, they're doing pretty well for themselves so obviously they know what they're doing. As far as Miz not being ready for the title, the major point being made about this is that he was given the title before "more deserving" guys, Morrison and Christian being the names that stick out the most. Honestly, just because there are other guys that deserve the strap too, doesn't mean that Miz doesn't deserve it. Whereas Morrison hasn't tried to improve his mic skills and Christian jumped ship to TNA, The Miz has done everything the WWE has asked of him and more (improving in the ring, promoting WWE at every turn, etc.). This does not mean that Christian and Morrison are not deserving of the title. Far from it actually, they've earned it. However, The Miz has done more to earn his title than both of them, in my opinion.

So there you have it. I have laid out my point that the Miz is undeserving of all this hate AND I have taken into account the other side of the coin and refuted the claims of his naysayers. Of course, this will not end the flame war. If anything, this will further fuel the ongoing "Civil War" among the IWC and if the Civil War of the United States has taught us anything, its that no one wins when you fight amongst yourselves.

There's a pecking order in WWE and the Miz is close to the top, as far as loyalty, work ethic, and mic skills go. That alone is enough to make him deserving of the WWE Title in the eyes of the WWE. It doesn't matter if we think he's undeserving, because its not our company. Sure we're the fans and the WWE bases a lot of their decisions on their fans (see One Night Stand 2006), but you have to understand that just because you like/hate the Miz, doesn't mean everybody does. But in the eyes of the WWE, fans care enough about him to put the strap on him.

Feel free to leave comments below, but try not to flame (a simple request, but an utterly pointless one).