The Ultimate Stable: Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle Agree with It Too!

Matt OffermannCorrespondent INovember 27, 2010

Over the last few weeks I keep seeing in my Christian articles stuff about how the WWE should form a WWF/ECW/WCW type of stable. Put in a nutshell, all the guys that owned during the attitude era. So pretty much Edge, Christian, Kane, Undertaker, Goldust, Y2J, Mark Henry and trips. Now possibly not all of these guys in one but a few of them.

At first when I saw this, I simply thought that this would only be one of those great ideas that sound awesome but would never happen. Apparently other former WWE superstars think this is a good idea also.

Kurt Angle posted on twitter about how good the old days were and how the new guys can never be like they were.

"I truly look a wwe and it's not the same without shawn, HHH, rock, austin and me. They have incredible talent like 'Taker, kane and others. I thank GOD vince game me a chance, but any talent won't be is HUGE as we were. I'm not trying to benefit Tna. I love Tna. But wwe needs upper talent. I hope they do it, but when I was in wwe, the talent was incredible. Rey mysterio, cena and orton picked up the slack. But is wwe like it was? Tna has Awesome talent. I Pray we can compete up against the Monster wwe someday. I will do my very best. I loved wwe when I was there-but tna is better for me. I Pray we both succeed incredibly. Kurt".

After this he went on to post this.

"A big shout out to some of my boys that I forgot to mention in my comment last night, Edge, Y2J, Christian, Eddie and Benoit. Good times!!!"

Kevin Nash has also mentioned how the WWE is too focused on the newer guys and forgetting the older ones. Now even though Kane is champ and Edge is challenging for his belt, not all of the older guys are totally forgotten.

TNA made a great example of this when they used the Main Event Mafia. These used some of the good older talent to challenge the new younger guys. This group consisted of Kurt Angle, Sting, Kevin Nash, Booker T and Scott Steiner. This group had very good success; so why does the WWE think this to be a bad idea?

So could anybody realistically see a veteran stable being made?