Vince Young on the Move: Top 5 Trade Destinations for Tennessee Titans QB

Scott AltmanCorrespondent INovember 26, 2010

Vince Young on the Move: Top 5 Trade Destinations for Tennessee Titans QB

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    The developing rift between Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young and Titans head coach Jeff Fisher has spurned an ultimatum to owner Bud Adams: trade Young or fire Fisher.

    Although early indications hint that Adams is siding with Young, it is difficult to imagine him actually firing Fisher, a coach who has brought the team incredible success and is considered amongst the league's elite.

    Pressure from the media and the team's fans may eventually sway Adams to side with Fisher, especially considering tales of Young's laziness and off-the-field troubles.

    So, if the Young-Fisher feud goes unresolved, and Bud Adams decides parting with Young is the wise move, which teams might take a chance on the sometimes-brilliant, sometimes-just-okay quarterback? Here's some possibilities.

#5 Cincinnati Bengals

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    Carson Palmer might be on pace to pass for 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns, but take all of that with a grain of salt. Palmer's stats and his 394 passing attempts are a product of Cincinnati's tendency to fall behind in games, forcing the team to abandon the run and rely on the pass.

    Let's face it, Palmer has not been the same since his 2005 major knee injury. He had a respectable campaign during the Bengals playoff run last season, but it was nothing spectacular. He threw for just over 3,000  yards and 21 touchdowns. Respectable, but not spectacular.

    The window for this Bengals teams is growing increasingly thin, and bringing in Vince Young could rejuvenate an offense alongside youngsters Jermaine Gresham and Jordan Shipley. Plus, who better to take in a disgruntled, often troubled player than the Cincinnati Bengals?

#4 Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Three years ago, the Jacksonville Jaguars jumped the gun on David Garrard, handing him a massive contract extension after his first successful NFL season. Since then, Garrard as compiled a very pedestrian 18 - 23 record as the team's starter.

    It is easy to blame Garrard's struggles on Jacksonville's terrible drafting and personnel moves, but at some point, Jacksonville needs to take responsibility for overpaying him. Plus, trading for Vince Young has much deeper implications than merely adding a superior quarterback.

    Vince Young provides the Jaguars with a young, fresh, and marketable face to a franchise on the brink of possible relocation. Young will sell tickets, put butts in the seats, and send a message to both Jacksonville's fan base and the NFL that the team is set on winning.

    Garrard was a Pro Bowler in 2009, and is off to a 6-3 start this season, but does anybody believe that he can lead this team to a Super Bowl?

#3 Buffalo Bills

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    The 2010 Buffalo Bills are a classic example of a "little team that could."

    They are feisty and nifty, and although they have managed to play the league's elite to close margins, the Bills are still light-years away from emerging as a playoff contender.

    Despite Ryan Fitzpatrick's crafty play, the Bills are only 2-8, and the Harvard grad is not the long-term answer at quarterback. Vince Young could be, however.

    Buffalo has struggled to find a franchise quarterback since Jim Kelly stepped away from the game in 1996. So, rather than gamble on another college prospect, why not make a deal for Young? With C.J. Spiller and breakout player Steve Johnson in the fold, the Bills could showcase a pretty electric offense with one trade.

#2 San Francisco 49ers

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    Six years of mediocrity should suggest that Alex Smith is not the answer to the 49ers quarterback quandary.

    So, where do the 49ers go from here?

    Troy Smith has been shaky in relief of Alex Smith, cementing quarterback as San Francisco's chief need heading into the off-season.

    Head coach Mike Singletary has little job security, and there is a chance he will be fired after this season. But if the 49ers decide to keep Singletary on board, wouldn't it make more sense for him to acquire Vince Young than to gamble on a quarterback who might take three-to-four years to develop?

    In San Francisco, Young would join an offense boasting a solid core of players including Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, and Michael Crabtree. Plus, the NFC West is at an all-time low. If there was ever a time to make a blockbuster move, now is it.

#1 Minnesota Vikings

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    Whether not he plans on playing next season, Brett Favre's time with the Minnesota Vikings has expired.

    At some point this season, Vikings interim head coach Leslie Frazier must bench Favre in order to gauge whether or not Tarvaris Jackson is capable of leading this team to a Super Bowl. If the answer to that question is no,then trading for Vince Young becomes a no-brainer move for Minnesota.

    The Vikings possess the most talented roster of any team on this list, and their window for winning a Super Bowl has grown paper thin. In fact, some might argue that it has already closed based on this defense's struggles.

    Anyway, bringing in Vince Young immediately bolsters and rejuvenates the Vikings chances of reaching the promised land with or without a struggling and aging defense.