The Ickey Shuffle: Top 20 NFL Touchdown Celebrations of All Time

Dallas Davis@SpreadANDTotalCorrespondent INovember 25, 2010

The Ickey Shuffle: Top 20 NFL Touchdown Celebrations of All Time

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    8 Jan 1989: Running back Ickey Woods of the Cincinnati Bengals celebrates during a playoff game against the Buffalo Bills at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Bengals won the game, 21-10.
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    In the world of show biz, the NFL has had their fair share of celebrities.

    Some of them, however, seem to stand alone.

    There are mediocre dances like the spike and the jumping back bump, and then there is the Joe Horn, cell phone in the field-goal padding celebration.

    There is the "Lambeau Leap," then there's the T.O sharpie signing.

    Let us look at some of the most ridiculous NFL touchdown celebrations of our time.


20. A Compilation: Lamont Jordan Saws Down Goal Post, OchocInco Proposes

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    Some of these videos are already in the countdown.

    Focus your attention on the goal post section. Lamont Jordan, Randy Moss and Tatupu are brilliant!

    It's all about the props, including the goal post.

19. Reggie Smith

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    Not bad, Reggie. Not bad.

18. DeSean Jackson

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    I personally like his premature touchdown fumbling celebrations, but they aren't worthy enough to be called a dance.

    Man, is DeSean a conceited guy. Gotta love it!

17. T.O. Mocks Patriots for Spying

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    Eliot J. Schechter / Getty Images
    Eliot J. Schechter / Getty Images

    There was no video for this, oddly enough.

    I think this was one of Owens' best ideas. It was on point for it's timing.

    Because of the lack of video proof, this slide has no choice but to be near the bottom.

    And if you want to see T.O shake the pom pom and sign the football, watch the compilation highlight video in the first slide.

16. Fred Davis Mocks the Black Hole

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    Fred Jackson has some moves!

    I love when it's so quick after the touchdown that you know the player was thinking about the dance almost as much as the route they were about to run.

    Classic taunting. Solid work, Freddy.

15. Terrell Owens

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    This one is infamous.

    Trust me, it won't be the last of T.O. in this countdown.

14a. Knowshon Moreno Scores for Georgia, Entire Team Comes to Celebrate

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    Man, this would fire me up. I love team celebrations, even if it is over the top.

    Georgia took the lead at home and were looking to fire up the players.

    I think it had the opposite effect.

    The Gators didn't seem to happy about all that.

    Georgia did however win the contest. Insult to injury for Urban Meyer, I'd say.

14b. Florida Counters, Whole Team Feeds Off Disrespect from Georgia

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    I thought you'd enjoy the counterattack by the Gators as well.

    They were fired up.

    Tim Tebow all up in the mix.

13. Kelly Washington Steals Chad Ochocinco's Thunder

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    This is hilarious. I love how the timing of Washington's touchdown was during an interview with Chad "Johnson."

    The song is also a pretty funny touch.

12. Billy

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    Pretty self-explanatory I'd say.

    This was before the NFL stood for the "No Fun League." He was never fined.

11. Touchdown Celebration FAIL

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    This is not the NFL, but how can it not make a list like this?

    He hits himself in the nads, gets knocked down and looks like a total fool in the process.

    Thank goodness for slow-motion.

10. T.O. Does the Mime

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    This one is recent. T.O. will always be doing touchdown dances as long as he's in the league.

    You either love him or hate him.

    To his credit, this was a great route he ran on the Steelers defense.

9. Chad Ochocinco and the River Dance, Donovan McNabb and the Moonwalk

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    If you go to the top two in this video, you will see the two videos mentioned in the title.

    I love the moonwalk by McNabb, but the river dance just doesn't do it in the laugh category for me. I guess because Chad has done quite a bit in the celebration department.

8. 2009 Rookies Have a Chance to Showcase Their Moves Before the Season

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    This is a great competition, and if anything else, it really shows the talent in the 2009 NFL Draft.

    Seriously? All these guys came into the league together?

    I think my favorite is Knowshon Moreno. He has about four dances in his back pocket.

7. Joe Horn Uses His Cell Phone

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    Joe Horn is hilarious. There was a period where he was a legit force in the NFL.

    Maybe the best part of this highlight is the fact that the commentators mention that you can't use props since T.O. already went down that road.

6. Merton Hanks: The Funky Chicken Rendition

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    With a twist to the old classic, Merton Hanks dance consists of mimicking a bobble-head.

5. Warren Sapp and The Sapp Dance

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    The dance was labled by Sapp as the Beyonce. 

    That's all that needed to be said.

    Now there is a video that incorporates his idea.

    I bet you forgot about this one.

    "You so tough? Put a jersey on!"

4. T.O. Mocks the Ray Lewis Dance in Philly

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    When it comes to the scariest linebacker of the last decade, Ray Lewis is typically somewhere in the discussion.

    When it comes to most obnoxious receiver, T.O. always seems to have his name mentioned.

    There is nothing like mocking a maniac after scoring in his house.

    Might want to avoid the slant route, T.O.—Ray Ray doesn't forget these things.

3. Jamal Anderson and the Dirty Bird

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    What ever happened to Jamal Anderson?

    Oh well, the dirty bird is in the touchdown record books. I guess he's done his part.

2. The Ickey Shuffle

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    The Ickey Shuffle, y'all. The pioneer of the ugly,  uncoordinated touchdown dances.

    I still love it though.

1. T.O. Spikes Ball On Dallas Star: Emmitt Smith, George Teague Get Payback

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    Owens again. He is too easy to find good celebrations from.

    This is epic because of Emmitt Smith's rebuttal.

    Can't forget about George Teague. He's not mad, is he?

    Even though the other videos might be a better candidate for the top spot, I personally enjoy the rise Owens gets out of the Cowboys. I also remember seeing it live. What a class-act T.O. is.

    Pause for laughter.