WWE at the Movies: Power Ranking the God-Awful Films Starring Wrestlers

Joe M.Correspondent INovember 25, 2010

WWE at the Movies: Power Ranking the God-Awful Films Starring Wrestlers

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    It's no secret that WWE Studios doesn't turn out what you would call box office blasts, and more often than not, WWE Studios' movies bomb in the box office.

    But in this slideshow, I will be picking the five absolute worst WWE films ever. From the first WWE produced movie ever to the latest release, the five worst.

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5. Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia (Mr. Kennedy)

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    At the time, WWE had faith in Mr. Kennedy: feuds with The Undertaker, a WrestleMania victory, and a starring role in a movie. A few months after the release of the movie, however, Kennedy himself would be released from WWE.

    The reception of the movie was not that great, although not completely terrible. Mr. Kennedy is clearly not an actor, and excels more in the field of getting his head split open by Jeff Hardy.

    The premise of the movie was not horrible and watching this was bearable; however, this was by no means a movie that would captivate any audience.

    Not a terrible movie, but certainly not a good movie by any stretch.

    Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia comes in at No. 5 on the list.

4. The Marine 2 (Ted DiBiase Jr.)

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    Everyone just loved John Cena's kind-of-all right first-ever acting role in The Marine, so logically a straight-to-DVD sequel was called for.

    In The Marine 2, Ted DiBiase must save his girlfriend and an entire resort from hostage-takers. Conveniently being the Marine Sniper that he is, he accomplishes this using plenty of flashy moves and things that go boom.

    In all reality, for a straight-to-DVD release, this isn't that bad and certainly will entertain anyone who likes explosions, but by no means is this the movie of the year.

    So, coming in an No. 4, The Marine 2 starring Ted DiBiase.

3. 12 Rounds (John Cena)

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    WWE's second John Cena action movie, the first being The Marine, 12 Rounds is about Danny Fisher. He tries to get his wife back from a terrorist, who is seeking revenge on Fisher because he accidentally killed his girlfriend.

    The terrorist, Miles Jackson, has Fisher (Cena) go through 12 Rounds of a "game" to get his wife back.

    While the movie wasn't terrible, it definitely was not good, and I for one would not watch it again.

2. Legendary (John Cena)

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    One of WWE Studio's latest releases, and one if its least successful (for a reason).

    In this movie, John Cena plays Mike, a former high school wrestling champion who helps his younger brother learn to wrestle. The cast is credible, with Danny Glover and Patricia Clarkson, but the movie turns out to be not only a dud, but a downright fail.

    This was clearly meant to be an inspirational story, but turned out to be a bad, hour-and-a-half long story no one could sit through.

    This film was released in select theaters across the United States; however, it bombed horribly.

1. See No Evil (Kane)

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    WWE Studios' first major release is the one I consider to be its worst release also.

    See No Evil follows a group of delinquent teens as they clean out the creepy, old, abandoned Blackwell Hotel.  Psychopath Jacob Goodnight, however, is in the hotel, too.

    We all know how bad and cheesy low-budget horror movies can be, and while this isn't the worst of all time, it definitely is not good.

    After 85 minutes of low-budget eyeball gauging and killing, it all ends when a dog pees in Goodnight's empty eye socket.  

    And by the way, without a doubt, the dog was the best actor in the movie.