Bret Hart Should Come Back to WWE and Help His Relatives Out

Jack WindhamAnalyst INovember 24, 2010

Bret Hart
Bret Hart

Everyone wants so badly to believe it, but the truth of the matter is that Bret Hart simply has not helped out the Hart Dynasty.

However, it's not too late to change that.

Hart's contract with WWE just expired. As of right now, the company has no plans for him, so a new contract is not being discussed. However, the door is not closed on a potential return down the line. Management just needs a good storyline in order for them to bring Hart back.

Well, this is where Hart can step up and truly help out Natalya, Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith. He can pitch an idea to management about how he can build more credibility and momentum for the trio.

In the storyline right now, Kidd and Smith have had a falling out. Kidd turned on Smith during a tag team match and has now become a heel. Natalya seems to have distanced herself from the group as well, since she started chasing and winning the divas championship.

Hart should return and bring them back together.

His first order of business would be to try to talk some sense into Kidd. He hasn't fully established himself yet as a full blown heel, so it wouldn't be all that difficult to turn Kidd back into a face. By bringing Kidd and Smith back together, WWE would have another legitimate tag team for the division that was recently weakened even further by releases. Current tag team champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater need someone to compete against. 

As his second order of business, Hart needs to become an on-screen mentor for Natalya. While she finally did manage to win the belt from Michelle & Layla, she still does not have the on screen credibility to be champion. By having her legendary uncle in her corner, the fans will more likely buy her as a legitimate champion.

Hart can silence his critics, somewhat, by actually doing what he claims he did.

Elevate the next generation of Harts.