Here We Go Again! : What To Watch For This College Football Season

Matt BContributor IAugust 30, 2008

Ah, the year 2007, a year of upsets, (more) BCS tobacles, and my preseason rankings after the first saturday...


What to Watch For: Stafford and Moreno will combine to make an unstoppable offense. How's the defense? Surprisingly, to some, gave up 21 points against Georgia Southern...

2. USC

No Pete Carroll team should ever fall below the top 5, huge win at Virginia over a well-coached, well-experienced Virginia Squad.

3. Oklahoma

Sam Bradford may be overshadowed by some of the other huge Big 12 quarterbacks, however his team will not be.

4. Florida

Tebow may not be Heisman again, but he'll be close

5. Missouri

Chase Daniel may be the best true quarterback in the country, Maclan is a spectacular sophomore receiver but has ankle issues. The defense returns 10 starters however allows 42 against Illinois? Juice Williams beat Ohio State last year, one must remember at Columbus.

6. Ohio State

All lingering on Beanie Well's foot injury

7. LSU

Looked impressive versus Appalachian state alround, the Tigers hope to dodge Gustav.

8. West Virginia

New coach, new BCS trophy, so why are the Mountanieers still crying about Rich Rodriguez?

9.  Auburn

Impressive Defensive performance, will face tough tests on the road in the SEC.

10. Texas Tech

Graham + Harrell = TD TD TD TD

Defense= ???????

11. Texas

In a conference dominated by Texas and Oklahoma, the Longhorns have slowly been getting worse since their '05 title run. Colt McCoy, who doesn't play well on the road, will have a tough time playing Mizzou, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Kansas and will slip out of national title contention.

12. Kansas

Todd Reesing, and Kansas' D can only get better, but the Jayhawks still will not win the Big 12 nor will they have enough to beat Mizzou.

13. Wisconsin

Wisconsin hosts Ohio State,  and Illinois. They have no difficult road games and could be in Big Ten Champion contention with only two losses.

14. Auburn

Tuberville stressed D this off-season, and they will respond....Big

15.Arizona State

Dennis Ericksonn's masterful coaching will be seen again as the Sun Devils have a legitimate shot at the Pac-10 title. Rudy Carpenter will have to play like there's no tomorrow in his home state where he was overlooked @ USC. ASU has the toughest Pac-10 schedule playing #1 Georgia, #2 USC, #19 Oregon. Will they be able to use Mack Brown's stepson? They'll need a little more to get to the BCS this year.

16. Tennessee

Tennessee overrated yet again? Think again. Tennessee has three really tough games. They host Florida, play at Auburn, and play at Georgia. Not to mention hosting rival Alabama at home in late October the Volunteers could jump into the top 10 with a couple big wins.

17. BYU

BYU will be this years Hawai'i. Their schedule is a pave way for a BCS bid. The sports world should be offended if they wish to play in the national championship, as they will be destroyed in whatever BCS game they land in.

18.  South Florida

Matt Grosse is back with a chip on his shoulder. The bulls rose to #2 on the polls last season, and again have nothing to lose. Other than Kansas and West Virginia they should not lose a game. Will they have another 0-3 finish like last season?

19. Illinois

Forget the loss to Mizzou. Their defense faced the third (give or take) best offense in the land when every other team plays their tune up game. Juice Williams managed to have an awesome game versus a defense that is the best in the Big 12 North. Look for the Fighting Illini in an upper-level bowl game. Perhaps not BCS, but they could still be the second best team in the Big-10 if Juice is worth the squeeze.

20. Oregon

Jeremiah Masoli is more like a corner back than a quarter back, and ran out of the pocket versus Washington even when he had plenty of time. The Ducks must find a way to hide his Sophomore slump before it gets out of control. What the ducks have? The loudest stadium in the Pac-10, yet much smaller than USC and Sun Devil Stadium.

21. Wake Forest

The Demon Deacons could be really scary...if they managed more than 63 yards on the ground versus a diminished Baylor defense. Riley Skinner will have an eye-opening senior year as the new gunslinging QB. Wake Forest won't get back to the BCS, but any bowl game is good for a basketball school right?

22. Penn State

The players know it, the students know it, the alumni know it. He may be the only person in the world to know it is his final year coaching the Nittany Lions. The question is not if it's a distraction, but how much, and how it will help/hurt the Lions.

23. Alabama

Huge Win 34-10 win over Bowden's Clemson, but still has a tough SEC schedule. Alabama will still be just another SEC team.

24.  Can the Seminoles get some love? Just because they've been overrated the past few years should not hurt them now, yet somehow it has been in all other polls. The Seminoles have a stellar D-Line, and could pull out a win at home versus Wake Forest. The Seminoles really only have one thing on their mind right now however : 11/29 Florida.

25. Clemson

Clemson manged 0 rushing yards on their first 14 carries. This is no typo.