Miz Wins The WWE Title! Daz's Thoughts On Monday Night's Raw!

Daruish Gorgirzadeh@DaruishG90Contributor IIIMarch 25, 2017

Hey Bleachers, what's up?

After watching Raw this past Monday, I felt compelled to write an article giving a little recap, and some of the highlights for myself.

Now this is the first time I have ever done a Raw review, so please go easy on me!


Wade Barrett addresses the Crowd

So the night starts with Wade Barrett and the Nexus coming out to address the crowd and go on about how he was hard done by at Survivor Series, and how John Cena was biased towards Randy Orton.

However, the thing that surprised me was the heat that he received from the crowd, which was at a level I have never really seen before with the Nexus, which goes to show how much they must have loved Cena.

Barrett goes on to say that he should receive another opportunity against Orton as Cena laid a hand on him, and within the WWE rules, an official may not lay a hand on a competitor.

However, he said he was going to allow John Cena to come to the ring and say his goodbyes later on.

Anyways, the GM chimes in (and I think for the only time in the evening as well, which was good!) and agrees, and sets the main event up, Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett for the WWE Championship.

Before the first match of the night, Michael Cole makes an announcement which I personally thought was brilliant...CM Punk will be joining the announcers for the meantime.

This is a great move, as Punk is brilliant on the mic, and seeing as he's injured, we still get to see him on screen and hear his voice, which is a double win!


Sheamus vs. R-Truth: King of the Ring Qualifying Match

In the first match of the night, we have an angry Sheamus, fresh off of a defeat from John Morrison at Survivor Series, looking pretty dominant against R-Truth.

After a back-and-forth start, Sheamus kicks out of a missile dropkick and follows up with a Brogue Kick and a High Cross for the win.

Winner: Sheamus (moves on to King of The Ring Tournament)


Ezekiel Jackson vs. Alex Riley: King of the Ring Qualifying Match

This match was originally meant to be Jackson vs. The Miz, however Alex Riley came out saying that the Miz had suffered an anxiety attack and that he was subbing in for him.

At this point, CM Punk said maybe the quote of the year that had me in stitches.

When speaking of Riley subbing in for Miz, Punk said he must be "under the influence," in a clear statement about the fact that Riley was arrested for DUI last week.

Anyway, Big Zeke dominates Riley and picks up the win.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson (moves on to King of The Ring Tournament)


John Cena addresses the Crowd

John Cena came out for the last time, (or so we're supposed to think, anyways), and he starts to talk about how he had no regrets about the fact that he called the match down the middle, even if it cost him his job.

He then goes on to talk about his nine years with the company and how even though he'll miss it, he'll get to spend time with his family. At this point, tears start to fill his eyes.

Another great bit of this segment was the way he got the crowd going with their usual chant, making all the kids and women shout "Let's Go Cena" and all the men over 18 shout "Cena sucks." That was pretty amusing.

Anyway, he makes one last walk up the ramp and out the back where the whole roster minus Nexus are stood there applauding him, and even Randy Orton shakes his hand and hugs him.

Then he makes his way out of the arena, when Wade Barrett mocks him behind his back with his signature "You Can't See Me" gesture.

Personally, I thought the speech was very convincing, and you could tell that some of the kids must have been in tears, but I have a feeling he'll be back soon, but I'll talk about that at the end of the article.


Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase: King of the Ring Qualifying Match

For the second time in two nights, these two faced off, with Bryan picking up the victory once again, making DiBiase tap out with the LeBell lock once again.

I think the most surprising thing about the whole match was the fact that both Brie and Nikki Bella both came to the ring to congratulate Bryan after the match.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (moves on to King of The Ring Tournament)


Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

In yet another typical quick divas match, Natalya dominates Fox and wins the match in dominant fashion. One funny thing about this match was that one point they were both trying to pull each other's hair out!

Winner: Natalya


John Morrison vs. Tyson Kidd: King of the Ring Qualifying Match

In the final qualifying match, we see John Morrison taking on Tyson Kidd in his first match since betraying David Hart Smith the week before.

After surviving an early wave of the newfound aggression from Kidd, Morrison managed to conquer his opponent with the Starship Pain.

Winner: John Morrison (moves on to King of The Ring Tournament)


Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett for the WWE Championship

In our main event, Randy Orton made his way out first, only to be attacked by Wade Barrett and the rest of the Nexus, who decided that he would try and use another shortcut to try and take the WWE Championship from Randy Orton.

After the commercial break, Barrett is stood in the ring waiting for Orton, making the point to the referee that if Orton doesn't come out to defend his title, he loses it by forfeit. Of course Orton came out and started the defence of his title. As Michael Cole said, if he's going to go down, he's going down fighting.

After a bit of back and forth, Barrett picks up Orton on his shoulders, and hits him with Wasteland, and just as the ref counted two, out of nowhere John Cena storms through the crowd and pulls him out of the ring, then proceeds to deliver an AA to Barrett before being chased back through the crowd with Nexus in hot pursuit.

Then, as the ref got back in the ring, Orton gets up and hits Barrett with the RKO. 1, 2, 3 and Orton retains. The arena goes wild and the commentary team proclaim about what a great win it was, and how he had to fight through the odds. (very Cena-esque)

Winner: Randy Orton retains the WWE Championship



The Miz comes out and declares that he is cashing in Money In the Bank!

Michael Cole goes insane! He absolutely loves it that the Miz is cashing in, and within two seconds, he goes from praising Orton to bootlicking the Miz.

Orton has that look of disgust as Miz informs the ref informs Justin Roberts and the announcement is made.

Randy Orton vs. The Miz for the WWE Championship

In a surprising twist, the match lasts a bit longer than expected, and it appeared towards the end that Orton is going to retain and that Miz is wasting his opportunity.

However, just as it appears Orton is going to hit the RKO, but within the blink of an eye, Miz reverses it into a Skull Crushing Finale, and 1,2,3, we have a new champion!

Winner: The Miz becomes the new WWE Champion


My thoughts:

I had a funny feeling that Miz was going to cash in, because firstly, he hadn't appeared at all during the evening, and secondly, all the way through the evening the commentators kept dropping lines like Randy Orton may not be walking out of here with the WWE Championship, and lines like that.

Now, I know that feelings are mixed about Miz being champion, but in my own opinion, I think it's brilliant that he's the Champ.

Personally, I'm glad that he won it instead of Barrett as he has worked his way right to the top, from his debut on Tough Enough in 2004. He has really busted his hump and I think he deserves it, and I hope they give him a decent run with it.

Now, going back to my comments on Cena, I have an inkling that Barrett may use his powers of persuasion to have Cena re-hired in order to get revenge for costing him the title.

Personally, I would be cool with that, as I am a big Cena fan, and I'd love to see just a good old-fashioned grudge match between the two of them, with no other stipulations attached.

Anyways, that was my recap and thoughts of this past Monday's events.

Hope you liked it and feel free to comment.

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