Jason Garrett Set To Become Permanent Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

Jack WindhamAnalyst IMarch 26, 2017

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Whether you like it or not, you're going to have to learn to live with it.

Jason Garrett is about to become the permanent head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. 

When Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talked about wanting to bypass the Rooney Rule, the writing was on the wall. For those of you that don't know, the Rooney Rule requires owners to interview minority candidates for head coaching jobs. The reason why Jones wanted to bypass the rule was because he did not want to conduct a sham interview just to satisfy the rule, since he already has his heart set on giving the full time job to Garrett.

Jones has never come out and said what Garrett would need to do in order to get the full time job. Some felt that he needed a winning record in the team's final eight games. However, it would be better to judge him based on how the players respond to his coaching style. If he can get the team to be more disciplined, then that's where his stock would be highest.

Right now, Garrett's stock is high again. Jones believes that. That's why he's ready to make the announcement.

A lot of fans aren't going to be too happy about Garrett getting the permanent job. With the team struggling really bad, fans needed people to point the finger at. Aside from former head coach Wade Phillips, the fans placed much of the blame on Garrett for not being able to get more production from the offense. 

Fortunately for Garrett, sports fans have short memories. If he can bring wins to the franchise, then the fans will forgive him. They'll accept him as the head coach.