Fantasy Football Week 11: Last Minute Match-Ups

Gladys Louise Tyler@neverenoughgltContributor INovember 20, 2010

HEY BRIAN....good LUCKChristian Petersen/Getty Images

Okay last minute...Very last minute fantasy aid.

Some are getting desperate for wins as fantasy playoffs bulldoze their way into our are some teams fighting off that faint whiff of desperation...which is good news for us. 

MATCH-UPS.  Yes, desperation will make some match-ups virtually fantasy BONZI!


Baltimore Ravens v. Carolina Panthers: 

At the risk of sounding obvious, John Fox is replacing Jimmy Clausen with Brian St. Pierre. WHAT?  This has the scent of making the entire Panthers offense irrelevant. 

Mike Goodson was the only decent player, and now the Baltimore defense must be licking their chops.  So, yes please, PLAY the Baltimore defense.  Anyone in the Carolina offense, child please!


New York Giants v. Philadelphia Eagles:

For a recap, the Giants defense were embarrassed by the Dallas Cowboys, and Mike Vick embarrassed the Redskins defense.  Eli Manning had decent numbers against the Cowboys defense, but Steve Smith is out and the object should really be to keep Mike Vick off the field, which means the running game of the Giants should be the priority. 

So Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs, yes please. 

Eli Manning should be decent, who else do you have? 

Hakeem Nicks, and any other viable Giants receivers...Yes please.  And I am betting the Giants defense will play strong and come up with very good numbers. 

So Mike Vick.  To go against him would be crazy right? 


Denver Broncos v. San Diego Chargers:  

Neither defense is making me tingly, but the offenses, OH MY! 

Philip Rivers, yes please.  Antonio Gates, if he is playing, yes please.  Pick a receiver, any receiver, well not Vincent Jackson and probably not Patrick Crayton.  

Kyle Orton doesn’t make me tingly, but a little nervous.  Although, his stats, yes please. 

Brandon Lloyd, yes please.  Running backs in this game are an afterthought that would be a nice surprise but Ryan Matthews is still injured and Moreno is a delicate flower. 

The running backs are something to give the quarterbacks a two second breather. 


Oakland Raiders v. Pittsburgh Steelers: 

Steelers at home after a crazy nasty loss to the Patriots

Oakland is feeling very good about themselves; Pittsburgh’s defense are not feeling so good about themselves. 

So I say, with some trepidation, Pittsburgh’s defense, yes please. 

Ben Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall, definitely. 

As far as the Raiders go, no one runs on the Steelers (except the Patriots).  

Jason Campbell can do the small dump offs like Tom Brady, but will he against the Steelers defense?  I am going to say no.  

Darius Heyward-Bey, child please.  

I say that about the entire Raiders’ offense.  

Complete disclosure?  I am a Steelers fan and no way the Raiders are going to come into Heinz field and kick the Steelers.  Can they?


Indianapolis Colts v. New England Patriots:

It’s already been done.  By everyone.