One Reason Why Racism Is a Cancer That Is Affecting Football

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer INovember 17, 2010

Italy VS Romania Friendly
Italy VS Romania FriendlyClaudio Villa/Getty Images

While there are many reasons to condemn racism in football, the story of Mario Balotelli is a prime example.

The supporters of the Romanian National Football Team insulted Italy's Mario Balotelli during the match between Italy and Romania and they were full of racial epithets.

The insults would occur every time Balotelli received the ball. The words themselves cannot be printed in the article due to their graphic nature.

Cesare Prandelli (coach of the Italian National Football Team) confessed that he was disgusted by the racial epithets against Mario Balotelli.

The sports world has no place for racism or racist remarks. Racism is a cancer that eats at the soul of a sport, including football.

What can be done to condemn racism in football?

We cannot ignore the problem, since it will only fester into something worse. The racism has to be stopped in order for the players and athletes to be able to do what they love.

There are numerous examples of what a team can do to at least reverse this cancer.

Celtic FC of Scotland has a permanent ban on racism and asks for recipients of ASBO (Anti Social Behavior Ordinance).

The offenders are usually expelled from the game.

The Football Association (FA) fined Chelsea FC sixty-four thousand dollars after its skipper, John Terry, protested to a referee the expulsion of Essien.

Racism and hooliganism is not tolerated in football or other sports. How are there ways to combat racism in sports? The answer remains to be seen.