England's Future Looks Bleak with Players Like Carroll, Walcott and Bothroyd

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 17, 2010

Andy Carrol - should he be wearing an England Shirt
Andy Carrol - should he be wearing an England ShirtLaurence Griffiths/Getty Images

During the build-up to the England vs France game, there was plenty of talk about the future of the English national football team.

However, I still don't understand where this supposed bright future is supposed to come from.

With players like Andy Carroll, Jay Bothroyd and Theo Walcott in the starting lineup, it seems the "golden age" of English football is over.

Carroll doesn’t deserve to be a footballer, let alone represent his country.  The man should be in prison, obviously a great role model for young players.

He has scored a few goals for Newcastle, but he hasn’t earned a spot in the squad, let alone the starting eleven.

He, along with Championship striker Jay Bothroyd, has taken a spot away from a genuine hard working striker, Kevin Davies.

Davies has worked hard and waited a long time for his chance with England and when he earned his first cap, it was almost too late for him to make his stamp on the international team, as he is now 33.

Theo Walcott is a strange one.  He seems to garner a lot of support these days despite offering very little.

Now, before everyone kicks off and argues that he is really quick and played amazing against Croatia, note that I do not disagree with this. However, if I wanted pace with no end product, you might as well but a 100 meter sprinter on the wing.  Furthermore, just to make a point on the Croatia game, yes he did score a hat-trick, however, the Croatia side played awfully and anyone of a number of players could have scored goals that night.

The only bright sparks in the bleak future of English football seems to be Jordan Henderson, Adam Johnson, Chris Smalling and a couple still learning in the Under-21s.

I could have gone into a lot more detail on the future of England and will edit this article in the very near future.