How WWE Can Improve Bragging Rights For Next Year

Elson KakaireContributor IIINovember 15, 2010

Hey there Bleachers.

Since it's been a few weeks since Bragging Rights, I've had ample time to think about how WWE can make next year's Bragging Rights good without compromising Survivor Series, which happens a few weeks later.

I am a fan of the whole Raw vs Smackdown theme, but there wasn't enough of it this year. Apart from the seven on seven elimination tag match, there was not much to brag about this year for either brand. Yes, there was the Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler match, which was solid. But the build-up to the match was minimal and there was not much action after that besides a few more matches between the two.

If I were to book next year's Bragging Rights, I would make the whole card inter-promotional matches. What point is there to have title matches when there is another PPV two weeks afterwards?

If I was booking Bragging Rights for this year, then I would have made matches that were inter-promotional but also enhanced certain feuds. I would have also made the prize for the winning brand more substantial than a trophy that we only get a glimpse of when Bragging Rights is around.

How about this: the winning brand receives the No. 30 entry for the Royal Rumble while the losing brand gets the booby prize of the No. 1 entry. Not only will this make Bragging Rights worthwhile, but it will also start two separate story-lines on each brand of who deserves the No.1 and No. 30 spot.

If I were in charge of this year's Bragging Rights, I would have had matches such as Bryan vs Ziggler and Orton vs Kane. I would have The Nexus and Undertaker interfere in this match so that neither champion looks weak, seeing as WWE loves to ruin the end of matches like that.

Also, why not have a match which really adds interest to two already existing feuds such as Sheamus and Morrison vs Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio? Neither team would be able to co-exist with each other and it would make for an interesting match. Also throw in a six divas tag match so they don't feel left out.

Another change—why not have Edge vs CM Punk and John Cena vs Undertaker. This makes for a much more exciting PPV, as you do not know the result of each match. It feels special, as if these matches will only come once in a year because it is highly unlikely that Sheamus and Morrison will team up ever. But paring them up would give them both a chance to be the No. 30 entrant in the Royal Rumble, should their brand win.

My point is, I would have preferred to see more inter-promotional matches instead of the big seven on seven elimination match. It takes away some of the magic from Survivor Series, seeing as the elimination match is how Survivor Series started.

So let's scrap the big tag match at Bragging Rights because it devalues Survivor Series. Instead, let's have more inter-promotional singles matches and traditional tag team matches. Have seven of these matches on the night and the winning brand gets a real prize instead of a make believe trophy. When it's all said and done, the big tag match can still happen at Survivor Series with the losing team upset about being beaten at Bragging Rights. There will also be an extra two weeks to build up to what could be an amazing programme at Survivor Series.