Manny Pacquiao Beats Antonio Margarito: Pacman's 10 Most Dominant Performances

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIINovember 14, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Beats Antonio Margarito: Pacman's 10 Most Dominant Performances

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    Last night Manny Pacquiao easily beat Antonio Margarito in a tough, brutal fight that saw both fighters hurt at one time or another.

    By the end, Margarito could barely see out of his eye and was asked repeatedly if he wanted to continue. But after the fight, the almost too honest for his own good Pacman stated that Margarito hurt him a couple of times on the ropes. 

    In the end, Manny took almost every round using his superior hand speed and wicked combinations to easily outscore his opponent. It was another great performance in a career of full of them. But did it make Manny's Top Ten? 

10. Fahprakorb Rakkiatgym

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    This was Manny's fourth defense of his IBF Super Bantamweight crown and it was a doozy. Manny knocked Rakkiatgym down four times in the first round and after the fourth knockdown, they rushed his opponent to the hospital.

    A fight like this shows the three-knockdown rule is actually a very good one. Rakkiatgym was no slouch either. He was 37-2 and the mandatory challenger entering the ring.   

9. Reynante Jamili

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    Manny's first fight at 122. Pacquiao was struggling mightily to make the 113-pund limit in his previous fights and ended up getting knocked out by Medgoen Singsurat in his previous outing.

    After Manny started fighting at his natural weight and moving up as he continued to grow he was never dominated again.

    Losing only to Erik Morales in their first fight and suffering a technical draw due to cuts from head butts in his bout with Agapito Sanchez.

    In this fight, he dominated Jamilli before his fellow Filipino refused to get up after the last knockdown. The fight lasted all of two rounds. Jamilli was 41-5 against top competition coming into the fight. 

8. Antonio Margarito

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    Manny sliced and diced Margarito all night. 

7. Erik Morales 2

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    Morales was a future Hall of Famer who had never been knocked out before. Manny dominated for 10 rounds before taking Morales out in the 10th.

6. Miguel Angel Cotto

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    Cotto was once in the running for the best pound for pound in the world. Coming into the fight Miguel had one loss, a a tainted defeat by Antonio Margarito.

    Manny made him look like a club fighter and chased Cotto's wife from the arena. She couldn't watch the pounding her husband was taking, and who could blame her?

5. Marco Antonio Barrera 1

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    No one except Manny and his trainer Freddie Roach thought Pacquiao had a chance against Barrera. He dominated Barrera before taking him out in the 11th.

4. Lehlohonolo Ledwaba

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    This fight made Manny a rising star. He had just started working with Freddie Roach and took this fight as a last-minute replacement.

    It was his first HBO fight, his first fight in Vegas and he destroyed the champ in six. 

3. Erik Morales 3

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    Morales made the mistake of saying Manny's punches didn't hurt him in their second fight.

    Well, they certainly did this time. The Mexicutioner strikes again.

2. Ricky Hatton

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    Hatton had one loss coming into this fight: a tough loss to the great Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    We know what happened when he faced Manny. One of the best knockouts ever. 

1. Oscar De La Hoya

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    What legends are made of. It's easy to see this fight differently in the aftermath.

    But let's face it. No one really Manny a chance in this fight. He was going up two divisions against the premiere boxing name of his time.

    Oscar may not have been a great fighter, but he was a very good one. Manny's complete domination paved the way to international super-stardom.