Memo to Bud Selg: How to Move On After the Mitchell Report

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IDecember 20, 2007

IconThe Mitchell Report fallout—who used, who lied—is out of control.

I have a two-part solution that no one involved can dispute without tipping their hand...


1. Any current player named in the report is suspended indefinitely from employment by an MLB franchise or entity

If the accused wish to continue their careers in Major League Baseball, they must appear before a panel consisting of Commissioner Bud Selig and Senator Mitchell to discuss the circumstances of how they made the list. 

They cannot apply for reinstatement unless they appear and plead their case. 

The panel will determine if reinstatement is in order, or if the banishment should stand. If the accused believe they were wrongly named in the report, they should do what every red-blooded American does when he's been wronged—file a lawsuit.

My prediction is that there will be few lawsuits. A handful at best—and I'm being generous.


2. Any former player named in the report is prohibited from working in MLB or for any MLB-related entity. The accused are also disqualified from appearing at or in any events sponsored by MLB or any of its entities. That includes the Hall of Fame.

This includes players from the above group as well. Inactive players must appear before the panel and go through the same exercise as current players.  They also reserve the right to appeal and sue.

Once again, I foresee a light docket for the civil courts.


There you have it, Bud: Throw 'em all out, and let 'em fight to get back in.

You wanna end this thing—that'll end it. Most people say let's put it behind us and move on. There's only one way to do it, one way to erase the doubts and clean the slate—and that's by smoking out the guilty parties.  

No player who knows he's guilty is going to risk footing the bill for a long civil court battle. Not everyone is as rich and pompous as Barry Bonds.

The fans will have closure, you'll be a hero and then we can move on.