WWE vs. WCW: Was It Meant To Happen in 2002-2003?

David ForrestContributor INovember 22, 2010

Was WCW intended to rise from the dead in 2002 and 2003?
Was WCW intended to rise from the dead in 2002 and 2003?

Whilst flicking through an old copy of Power Slam, I noticed something which immediately caught my eye and made me freeze in disbelief. Someone had written in asking about the fact he had heard from a friend that WWE had tried to facilitate a second invasion angle from WCW, this time starring all the big names who decided to stay at home, put their feet up and run out the clock on their Time Warner contracts, and he asked if this was true. The ever-knowledgable bods at Power Slam replied saying that, yes, such an angle had been thrown about but never became a realistic option. The guy answering the question basically stated that Vince McMahon had been hurt by the dulled reaction from the fans over the original Invasion and, especially, the criticism about the lack of big name WCW stars who would conveniently turn up only a few months after the end of the angle.

They also mentioned that there was a proposed main event possibly at Survivor Series 2002 or around that time consisting of what would quite possibly have been the greatest match of all time with "Team WCW" formed of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Goldberg, Sting (!?!), Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Booker T and Scott Steiner taking on "Team WWE", consisting of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels, with the premise being that "Team WCW" would be formed by Flair and Eric Bischoff out of frustration for the previous Invasion angle which was filled with too many mid-card Superstars and WWE names to be a "proper" WCW, and so Flair would assemble a team of ex-pats to show the WWE what a TRUE WCW Invasion would be like.

Whether or not this is true or just a rumour that's got out of hand, I doubt we'll ever know. Do you think Vince McMahon or his creative team would honestly ever admit to passing up the biggest storyline ever? The story does seem plausible, all these superstars were in the WWE around 2002/2003, bar 1 or 2 notable examples, and it does seem like a legitimate angle, given Vince's feelings and the fan's reaction to the Invasion. However, I thought I'd post an article just simply to point out a few loopholes with this theory and try and deduce whether or not thsi could have happened:

1. The Sting Question:
Obviously, the first question which has to be raised is the fact that Sting is listed as a possibility for this match. We all know Sting's feelings on the company, he's the most popular wrestler ever who hasn't wrestled in a WWE ring. Did the 'E launch a legitimate bid for Sting's services after his contract with WCW expired? Was there ever any moment where Sting looked bound for the 'E? Is this why he was listed as a possible contender in the storyline? Power Slam mentioned in their reply that Sting backing out put a major strain on the deal, and DDP was considered as a possible replacement, but it eventually fell through as a result of Sting's non-participance.

2. Did a bottle of Jack Daniels score the elimination of Scott Hall over Chris Jericho?
Another point to raise is Scott Hall. He was brought back in February 2002, but by May, he was back on the shandies. Sadly, rabid alcoholism cannot be defeated with cattle prods, so Scott Hall was released from his WWE contract. The fact that Hall was intended for the match suggests that months of planning had went into this. In fact, Hall had been gone 6 months before Goldberg and Steiner even arrived, so was he intended to return, or did WWE pre-empt Goldberg/Steiner's return by 6 months?

3. That's a hell of a lot of diaries to work around:
The one thing that gets me about this is the date. Power Slam mentioned a date of Survivor Series 2002. However, for this to happen, it would need to have been planned months in advance. So this would mean that this would've been set into motion 6 months, if not earlier, after the original Invasion angle ended. Not only this, but Goldberg and Scott Steiner hadn't even been signed yet, and Scott Hall had left a few months before, so did Hall's departure put a spanner in the works? Also, The Rock and Stone Cold had regressed from the spotlight at this time. Perhaps, a more apt time for this clash would have been No Way Out 2003, when The Rock and Stone Cold had returned and Goldberg and Scott Steiner had been signed, leaving only Sting and Scott Hall not on the books. But even then, what about Brock Lesnar? The guy's meteoric rise would have been cemented in stone by this time and he would would have been the biggest superstar in the WWE at the time. Could they afford to leave him out?

4. Where's the back-up?
Would this have just consisted of the 7 combatants and Bischoff? Surely there'd be a whole ballroom's worth of space with which to work other former WCW stars into it? I could see the Big Show, Rey Mysterio, William Regal, Chavo Guerrero etc. getting worked into this fued somehow, maybe alongside some other Alliance guys from ECW like Rob Van Dam and The Dudleyz or maybe Alliance defectors like Christian. However, this heightens the risk of a simple rehash of the 2001 fued, whereas a simple 7/8 man stable limits this.

5. We're going to need a bigger door:
The one thing that gets me about all this is the sheer amount of big heads involved. Who would win this match? Surely a WWE victory seems in the bag, but could you honestly see a team involving egos such as Hogan, Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Ric Flair comfortably jobbing? Could you honestly see Sting signing a one-shot deal with the WWE where he loses? Me neither.

So what do you, the IWC, think about this? Is this real or is it all a rumour gone out of hand? Would this have resulted in masssive buy-rates for the WWE and a massive pay-out for the rest? Would this have been an exceptional match or a hugely overrated disaster? Comment your thoughts please!