Glen Cove New York High School Fall Sports 2010 Season In Pictures

Eric Holden@EricHoldenContributor INovember 9, 2010

Glen Cove New York High School Fall Sports 2010 Season In Pictures

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    Glen Cove High School's football team (5-3) made it to the first round of the Nassau Conference III playoffs, suffering a tough 49-7 loss to Lawrence.  They had a three-win improvement on last season's overall record and received stellar contributions from Shaheem Lilly and Owen Valance.  Chris Saperstein made his presence felt on offense and Aaron Sylver delivered several key sacks and tackles for the defense.

    Big Red (4-5-1) boy's soccer finished fourth in Nassau Conference VI, clinching a playoff berth against South Side.  South Side came away victorious, 5-1,  in a riveting first-round matchup.  Vin Grella and Christian Garcia were the stars of the season for Glen Cove, showing great leadership and precision strikes for the offense.

    Girl's soccer (4-7-1) wrapped up their 2010 campaign with a fifth place finish in Nassau Conference VI.  Freshman striker Samantha Sullivan is a rising star in the division, notching five goals on the season.

    Girl's tennis (9-3) were upset by Hicksville in the first-round of the Conference III-A playoffs.  Megan Pemberton bounced back from a leg injury to lead the team in first-singles action.  Kelly Ng and Kellie Williams put on many dominating performances throughout the year.

    Girl's volleyball (5-10) suffered three straight losses to end their season.  Gabriella Ermarino and Alison Baade showed poise and maturity in Conference BC-2.

Glen Cove Football Faces off Against Great Neck North

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    Glen Cove football

Aaron Sylver Was Captain Of Big Red Football

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    Go Big Red!

Glen Cove Football Finished With a 5-3 Record

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    Glen Cove football

Glen Cove Football Made the First-Round of Conference III Playoffs

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    Field Goal attempt

2010 Glen Cove High School Football

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    John Bellock

Owen Valance was a Threat on Offense

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    Big Red offense

Big Red Girl's Volleyball

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    Heather Artinian

Big Red Volleyball

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    Heather Artinian

Girl's Volleyball

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    Big Red 2010

GC Big Red

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Glen Cove Girl's Soccer 2010

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    Girl's soccer

GC Girl's Tennis 2010

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    Girl's tennis

Kelly Ng Of Girl's Tennis

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    Big Red girl's tennis

Boy's Soccer Duffy and Gomero

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    Boy's soccer

Girl's Soccer

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    Girl's soccer

Boy's Soccer

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    Big Red soccer

Boy's Soccer

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    Homecoming Court

Personal Foul On Big Red

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    Big Red football

GC Football

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    Big Red touchdown

GC Homecoming 2010

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    Kickline at homecoming

Glen Cove Homecoming 2010

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Big Red Football 2010

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    Big Red football

Touchdown By Saperstein

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    Big Red touchdown

Valance Overcome With Emotion After Win

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    Glen Cove wins big in homecoming game

Saperstein Had 177 Rushing Yards In Homecoming Game

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    Big Red won homecoming game

Big Red Cheerleading

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    Glen Cove

Coach Kopecky

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Big Tackle

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    Bellock makes a great tackle

Shaheem Lilly Was All-Conference

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    Gabriella gets a scare

Vin Grella Of Big Red Soccer

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Big Red Kickline

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Andrew Ayo Was Homecoming King

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Football Run

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    Big Rush

Girl's Volleyball

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Megan Pemberton Is a Rising Star In Tennis First-Singles

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    Pemberton came back from injury to have stellar year

Homecoming Parade

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QB Shaheem Lilly

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    Lilly led Glen Cove to a 5-3 record

Duffy Makes a Run For The Ball

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    Soccer game against Great Neck

Field Goal

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    Big Red field goal


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More Football

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It Was a Great Fall 2010 Sports Season For Glen Cove

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    Go Big Red!