30 Seconds Over the NFL: Week 16

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IDecember 20, 2007

http://www.foxnews.com/images/255822/0_61_parcells_bill1.jpgThis Week: Parcells jilts another team, T.O. bans Jessica, the Dolphins' fortunes take a turn for the better, and Sean Taylor's legacy lives on.

Who needs reality shows when you can just watch the NFL every week?

It doesn't get much more bizarre than the latest goings-on around the league...


Falcons Come Up Blank Again

There's no way you can not feel sorry for Arthur Blank.

First the Michael Vick fiasco, then the Bobby Petrino betrayal, and now he's left at the altar by Bill Parcells.

I'm ready to take up a collection for this guy.

But look on the bright side—the Falcons were going nowhere with Vick, Petrino wasn't cut out for the pros, and Parcells is just a rental, even if he does have the magic touch.

Things will get better in Flowery Branch. God knows they can't get much worse.

Icon Sports MediaWomen Weaken Legs (and Arms)

Tony Romo had his worst game of the season last week against Philadelphia.  The reason, according to team sage Terrell Owens, was that Romo's girlfriend, singer Jessica Simpson, distracted him with her presence.

Although Owens was joking, his comments have more truth to them than he thinks.

Romo's rise to stardom has earned him celebrity status.  He no longer has the ability to sneak up on opponents. They're gunning for him now, as shown in the Eagles' game.

Philly doesn't mail games in like other teams. Andy Reid's bunch always comes to play. Defensive coordinator Jim Johnson is known for his ability to fluster young QBs. 

Those elements, combined with a bruised throwing hand, turned Romo and his Cowboys into ordinary outriders on Sunday.

The loss gives Green Bay an opportunity to wrest home-field away from Dallas.

IconHuizenga Hits the Jackpot

Wayne Huizenga was on the cusp of selling the Miami Dolphins. And why not?

Attendance has been down, partly due to the putrid on-field performance of the team, and the future of pro football in South Florida is in jeopardy. The Fins even sacrificed a home game to play in London.

But all of that changed this week.

The Dolphins won their first game of the season on Sunday vs. Baltimore, avoiding an 0-14 start. Then they bagged the Tuna—Bill Parcells—to run their football operations.  Now they head to New England with optimism, hoping to knock off the undefeated Patriots.

That's a longshot, but the turnaround of this once-proud franchise is not. Miami will be a factor, and soon.

http://www.featurepresentationonline.com/seantaylor.jpgSean Taylor Lives

No football fan will ever forget Sean Taylor, if only for the fact that he was murdered at 24.

Sadly, that can't be changed. All that's left is his legacy.

The power of that legacy was demonstrated this week when Taylor was posthumously voted to the Pro Bowl.  The fans didn't forget him...and hopefully never will.