Potential WWE Releases

Jack Windham@wr_revealedAnalyst INovember 6, 2010

Potential WWE Releases

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    Out with the old, and in with the new.

    With the end of the year coming up faster than we know it, WWE is going to likely clean out the bottom portion of their roster in order to make room for new wrestlers. The company has been rotating wrestlers in and out of the roster for years now.

    There are certain types of wrestlers who are candidates to be released. Some are younger wrestlers that the company feels aren't going to reach their full potential. Others are veteran performers who WWE feel can be replaced.

Darren Young

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    Darren Young came on strong as a member of Nexus.

    Along with now main event performer Wade Barrett, tag team champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater, and a couple of other guys, they created quite the buzz in professional wrestling.

    WWE had found their new big storyline to keep the audiences tuning in. With their constant attacks on other wrestlers (particularly John Cena), fans would keep wondering what they were going to do next.

    Then, Young was removed from the team.

    However, a sliver of hope was there that Young was going to be pushed and utilized properly. The writers had him coming back to avenge his removal by interfering in a match to help Randy Orton beat Barrett. At that point, it appeared as if the company was going to give Young a push as a face.

    Then, the bottom came out.

    The writers simply forgot all about him. Aside from a small part in a battle royale on Raw, Young has been removed from the flagship show. He has been relegated to working matches on WWE Superstars, which very few people watch.

    WWE could release him and use his roster spot for another young wrestler.

Ezekiel Jackson

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    Ezekiel Jackson has been given chances.

    The former bodybuilder was given a brief push when he became the last ECW Heavyweight Champion before the brand was killed by WWE. He was then sent to Smackdown when the ECW roster was dispersed. However, before his push could begin, Jackson suffered an injury.

    WWE then brought him back. This time, it was on Raw. He was given a push, which started with him being revealed as the final mystery member of Team Raw at Bragging Rights.

    Then, he gets injured again while working a house show in France (though, he denies it through his Twitter account).

    If WWE deems him to be injury prone, then his roster spot could be in jeopardy.

Primo Colon

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    Primo Colon's stock immediately dropped when his brother Carlito finally got the release that he had been requesting for months. He was marketable when he was teaming with his brother. In fact, they were a pretty good tag team.

    Without his brother, though, he's just another lower-level wrestler. While he can work matches pretty well, WWE doesn't believe that Primo has as much potential as guys like Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel.

Vladimir Kozlov

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    The Vladimir Kozlov experiment might be coming to an end soon.

    WWE tried really hard to turn him into a monster heel in the main event scene. In fact, they tried to force it upon the audience, and it backfired.

    WWE even booked him as the challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship that was held by Triple H at the Survivor Series pay per view in 2008.

    The push obviously failed, and Kozlov is now working as a comedy act with Santino Marella. Since Marella doesn't necessarily need Kozlov, that makes the Russian star expendable.

Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta

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    While they're far from being the greatest ever, Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta do have some talent. However, that means nothing if you cannot connect with the audience.

    That's the problem that plagues these two. It also doesn't help that the writing team has been instructed by Vince McMahon to not give them any sort of storyline.

    In a world where tag team wrestling is an afterthought, these guys are expendable.

Chris Masters

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    Everyone deserves a second chance. Chris Masters has already used his up. Once viewed as a future world champion, Masters has proved that he's not built to reach that level.

    While he does have some value right now as a veteran performer, he's simply not as good as guys like Chavo Guerrero and William Regal in that role. His spot in WWE isn't entirely secured.

Curt Hawkins

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    Curt Hawkins' time in WWE is coming to a close.

    Management has started to realize that he's not going to cut it in the big leagues. His best chance at standing out was as a tag team wrestler, but that was taken away from him when WWE disbanded his tag team with Vance Archer.

    The duo weren't exactly setting the world on fire, but as one of the few tag teams in the company, they had a chance to make it to at least one PPV a year as the writers rotate out random tag teams in the title scene.


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    What a colossal failure it was to split up Cryme Tyme.

    Rather than keeping a popular tag team together, the writers decided that it was time for a change. The duo was split up.

    Everyone felt that Shad was going to get a monster push because he had the look that WWE wanted in their main event performers.

    However, management then realized that Shad was not ready, so they sent him back down to the developmental league.

    JTG was left to fend for himself, and things have not been pretty.

Luke Gallows

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    Former New York Knick forward Charles Oakley once said, "If it's not broke, don't break it."

    Apparently, no one from the WWE creative department has heard that phrase before. Luke Gallows found some success after having his character be reinvented and paired up with CM Punk in the Straight Edge Society.

    The company then inexplicably decided to disband the group and leave Gallows behind on Smackdown while Punk went over to Raw.

    Gallows' chances of remaining with the company are now slimmer than a diva's jeans.


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    MVP simply cannot get on the good side of management.

    The former United States Heavyweight Champion has been trying for months to get someone to listen to him. He has been shooting out ideas on how to make his character relevant again.

    Unfortunately, though, no one is listening. It appears as if management has absolutely no interest in pushing him.

    While it's hard to believe that someone as talented as MVP would be released, the same was said when WWE released Mr. Kennedy and Elijah Burke.

Vance Archer

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    When Vance Archer was wrestling down in TNA, he was merely an afterthought. However, someone in WWE saw something special in him and decided to sign him to a contract. 

    He was given a few minor pushes, but nothing has really worked out for him. The company made some progress when they decided to team Archer up with Curt Hawkins to form the Gate Crashers.

    While they weren't a dominating team by any means, they still had a role to fill. Then, management decided to split up the duo, and now neither guy has much of a chance at remaining with WWE for the long term.