Golf is NOT Just For Men! The LPGA Ladies Can Play, Too!!

Tom S.Contributor IAugust 25, 2008

   I had such a good time watching golf on TV yesterday, I felt compelled to write about it.  I'm new to "Bleacher Report," having written my 1st article only two days ago.  So, I'm learning my way around the B.R. website, as I speak. 

   No big surpriseI'm still learning my way around computers, too.  That's why my 1st article didn't have a photo, originally; I couldn't find one.  Thankfully, one of my new associates here provided one for me while editing my article. 

   Thus, taking a new "learning step" & finding my own photo this time seemed like a good idea, especially since I wanted to give both the ladies & gentlemen of the LPGA and PGA relatively equal treatment here.

    Much to my, I'm not surprised, just disappointed.  Much to my disappointment, I looked in the photo file on the website and, out of 80 some photos, there was NOT ONE photo of a female golfer!  Not one! At least not that I saw.  There was one, of a man and a boy, so I used that one.  It's a nice photo, but that's not my point.  Neither is my point about the in-house photo library.

My point iswatching the LPGA ladies play is often just as entertaining to me as watching the men of the PGA is. Sometimes, it's even better (but that's a subject for another article, at another time). 

Anyway, yesterday was a golf lover's dream, for either gender to watch.  Fortunately for me, I have great "remote control" skills, because I had to have them yesterday.  At one point, a critical stroke was happening on each of two different TV channels at virtually the SAME time.  I made the "switch," but only because I'm so darned good with that remote (way too much practice, I admit)! 

I won't recount the specifics here. You could probably find good replays somewhere on the Internet (what you can't find there these days is a much shorter list). Anyway, it was a great day for watching golf yesterday, IF you're a real golf fan.

I'm guessing the "IF" in the previous sentence has to do with two major probabilities.  The first is that a lot fewer people watch golf on TV than watch baseball, basketball, football, etc.  The second is that a lot fewer golf fans watch women's golf than watch men's golf. 

The first is a lot harder to change than the second.  With that second premise in mind, I respectfully suggest that more of you PGA golf fans give yourselves a fair 2nd chance at becoming LPGA fans as well.  You'll probably be pleasantly surprised.