Auburn Football: Cam Passes, Runs and Catches Auburn To Victory!

John ReevesContributor IIOctober 30, 2010

AUBURN, AL - OCTOBER 23:  Quarterback Cameron Newton #2 of the Auburn Tigers rushes upfield against the LSU Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on October 23, 2010 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images


Ole Miss—31

Auburn defeated Ole Miss by 20 points. Cam Newton torched the opposing defense in the first half. We then ran over them in the second half.



The offense looked about as good as it has all year. The deeper you get in a season, the tougher the competition gets. The opposition has more information to counter their plays.

The running game looked fantastic for the Tigers. Micheal Dyer has come into his role with the team like a veteran player. With his low center of gravity and power, he's close to unstoppable. Onterio McClalebb who's been cold in the past two games had a great game today going over 100 yards.

The WR play was solid for Auburn. Darvin Adams had the kind of day I've expected for a while. Emory Blake has gotten better week after week. Terrell Zachery has a knack for finding the end zone. Cam Newton could not have been as successful without these three wide receivers.



We usually manage to stop the run, though today against Ole Miss we didn't even do that very well. I know we're undefeated, and maybe I'm overreacting, but the pass defense has not improved. I actually feel it's getting worse on man-to-man on the outside.

Zac Ethridge has played well and I know Washington picked one off, but the team overall isn't stopping the pass. I really hope Auburn uses the game week with UTC to prepare for the back-to-back games against passing teams. Both Georgia and Alabama will kill the secondary as it stands today.

Nick Fairley is a beast at the nose guard position. On a defense that has some glaring holes, it relies on Fairley's aggressive nature. I have Nick Fairley as defensive lineman of the year, but it's more debatable than the Heisman race.


The Future For Auburn

Auburn has shown us over the course of the season so far that they can win. Regardless of who has faced us, or what their game plan might be, we have beaten them.

We've won the close games, we've also won the tough games. We have something better than a bye week coming. We have an easy game against Tenn Chatt that we can use to shore-up some weak spots. 

The media will be talking about the No. 1 ranking, and I can see why that could be a distraction. It wasn't an issue this week going on the road to Ole Miss, but this will he the second week the hype machine.

Georgia hasn't been an unstoppable team, but they've passed the ball very well. We have defended the pass like a high school team. This game could be just like the Kentucky game.

Alabama is the toughest opponent on the schedule. Not that the game isn't big enough as is; this season it's more than likely to decide the west division. Alabama can pass the football very well, but they usually try to overpower their opponent with the run. They will come at our secondary; that's why it must improve from here on out.