Formula 1: Are the Wheels Coming Off for Ferrari?

Ben AutySenior Writer IAugust 24, 2008

The chequered flag falls on the very first European Grand Prix in Valencia, and it wasn’t a good one for Ferrari. As it stands, we are currently awaiting a verdict on whether Felipe Massa will be penalised for the pit lane incident.

It is very unusual that no penalty was applied immediately, and the message came up that the incident would be investigated after the race. Is this so Charlie Whiting can take a cheeky backhander from the Ferrari mechanics and top dogs?

How does 50,000 Euro sound to sweep it under the rug?

Knowing the relationship between the FIA and Ferrari, this will be conveniently forgotten.

We also had a bit of a mess up with Kimi Raikkonen’s pit stop, where Kimi jumped the gun. He didn’t wait for his green light and pulled away towing a fuel hose and a mechanic with him. The mechanic, last we saw him, was on a stretcher to the medical centre.

Two laps later, there were more reliability issues with the F2008. The left bank of the engine blew, ending the current world champion's race today.

Kimi Raikkonen, not wanting to make any comments after these incidents, made a speedy retreat to the motor home. I think it’s very unusual for Kimi not to have anything to say.

Last race in Hungary, Felipe Massa was three laps from glory when he had an engine blowout, gifting Heikki Kovalainen with the first GP win of his career. Are the wheels starting to come off?

In addition to all of these problems, let’s not forget the constant tactical mistakes that Ferrari make, pitting at the wrong time, wrong fuel loads, not changing tyres in the wet at Silverstone, fuelling too light from qualifying, all these little mistakes keep adding up and certainly do not help a championship run.

Then finally let’s have a look at the drivers. After the Hungary Grand Prix, there was a sit down meeting with the big boys at Ferrari, and the drivers were told to buck their ideas up. Let’s not forget that Kimi Raikkonen is being paid a lot more than Felipe, yet the young Brazilian is outperforming him time and time again.

Let's be honest, no matter how it is fabricated, Kimi Raikkonen is in a RUT, he just isn't doing his job right now, yes okay consistency won him the championship last year but last year he seemed hungry. This year, he just seems different and I can't quite put my finger on why.

But Massa is no angel, all I need to say is Silverstone, rain, five spins...more little chinks in the Ferrari armour. Little driver errors cannot win championships.

So I am going to wrap this up now, after all, I am not wanting to get every member of the Tifosi and his dog jumping on my case, I just wanted to make a point of saying that right now, on current form, Ferrari are shooting themselves in the foot.

For the above reasons, this is why I believe that Ferrari will NOT win anything in this year’s championships unless something changes and changes soon.

May I say...even as a McLaren fan, that it is sad to see Ferrari suffering all of these setbacks. I say good luck to them.

Ben, Over and Out!


It has now came to light that Massa will keep his win, he will keep his points and he has been issued with a 10,000 Euro fine and a "Reprimand"...

Ha ha...

Okay then so £8000 GBP and a slapped wrist, lets put that into perspective:

Massa earns what?... £16 Million per year?

18 races, that works out at roughly £90,000 per race lets say.

70 laps per race (Roughly)

That is £1,300 per lap (Still very rough figures here people, bear with me)

It would take young Felipe just over 6 laps to earn that money back.


Roughly translated...


2 drive through penalties where apparently handed out in saturdays GP2 Euro Grand Prix for exactly the same thing, yet for F1, not applicable, numerous years ago, Williams where handed a drive through penalty for this, and there was me thinking the FIA wanted to stamp this kind of thing out of the sport?

What do you think of that Bleacher Creatures?