A Few Thoughts on the Ohio State Buckeyes

RyanCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2007

IconWhere do I begin?

This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time:

Write my thoughts about the Buckeyes and all things related. For this first entry I'll discuss the BCS Championship Game and a few points on how the Michigan coaching job affects us.

First, I want to start off by congratulating Jim Tressel and the team for another outstanding season. I myself was able to attend 3 games this year Youngstown, Wisconsin, and Illinois (that was a bummer).

I thought going into the season we would have a good solid team, but, like everyone else, I felt it would be a rebuilding year—whatever that means. In hindsight, it seems as though we need to change that term from rebuild to reload.

When I was at the Youngstown game it was hard to see how we could end up the way we did. Beanie looked like he was having some troubles and the one bright spot was Brandon Saine. By the time the Wisconsin game rolled around, some teams had lost and we were #1—and things were looking really good.

This team seemed to figure out the most important thing that enables you to be a winner—teamwork. And that is a good thing to see after last year's National Championship debacle. I hate to say it, but that game set us back and the only way to right the ship is with a win against LSU.

Think about it: all year long, we've heard how bad the Big Ten is and how Ohio State can't compete with the SEC. All of this because of one game in which the Buckeyes were out of shape and just genuinely didn't seem to care. I have heard the rumors about how some of them were more worried about the NFL than the game. You can come up with whatever excuse you want but the fact remains that we got smoked and were made to look fat and slow.

Anyone who really watches college football knows that Ohio State's speed is equal to that of any school in the country—it was just a matter of preparation and we were not prepared. I am certain that this will not be the case in this year's game.

The amount of disrespect that we have received this year should light a fire under our team like no other. I know that the players and coaches have to be as sick of hearing about LSU and the SEC as the fans are. My prediction: it will be a close game but I believe Ohio State will come out with a victory and a second National Championship in five years.

I'd also like to discuss the importance of the hire that Michigan is more than likely going to make. Rich Rodriguez could be an important piece to re-building the reputation of the Big Ten. I know it's not what anyone in Buckey country wants to hear—most people want the Wolverines to hire Les Miles or someone who we know is a horrible manager of the game.

While Rodriguez has not proved he can win the Big Game, I am less concerned with that than the fact that he is one of the purveyors of the spread offense and that bodes very well for Ohio State. You hear all year long about the SEC and how the Big Ten cannot defend the spread. Well, with two Big Ten teams running this offense (Illinois and now Michigan), we have a chance to turn public opinion around.

It's not that I care so much, but it does get tiring having to defend yourself everywhere you turn. I think Rodriguez would have a chance to make Ohio State look even more impressive than it already does. Imagine beating Michigan every year with that spread offense and not having to hear anymore about how we can't play with the SEC.

Our path to redemption starts in the Superdome on January 7th. I'll be there to cheer on the Buckeyes and hoping to make 2008 another Buckeye championship year. The best part is just wait until next year.

My next entry will discuss Terrelle Pryor and some of what he can bring to table for the Buckeyes. With Terrelle narrowing his two faves to Ohio State and West Virginia, and Rodriguez leaving WVU for Michigan, will that tip the scales in Ohio State's favor to land the #1 prospect according to Rivals.Com?

Who knows—there is more to follow. Go Bucks!!