Minnesota Muddle: How Good Are the Vikings?

Forrest KobayashiSenior Analyst IDecember 17, 2007

http://bp3.blogger.com/_aXwvjOCyM24/RuQkz_s6zuI/AAAAAAAAB8o/yf5-FG6a8_Q/s400/Tarvarius+Jackson+%233.jpgMinnesota's Monday Night tilt with the Chicago Bears got me thinking:

Do the Vikings have the goods to make a serious playoff push this season?

First, of course, they have to get qualified. But they seem to be in control of their own destiny—if they win out, they can pretty much guarantee themselves a spot in the postseason.

That said, I don't think the Vikings will have enough in the tank to make a serious playoff push, for two reasons...


1. Tarvaris Jackson is young.

Whatever happened to Brad Johnson, anyway?

Simply put, Jackson is too young and inconsistent to lead his team very far this season. I love the young passer, but he forces too many throws and makes too many stupid decisions.

Jackson is a major handicap to the Vikes at this point in his career.


2. Minnesota hasn't really been there.

When was the last time the Vikings made the playoffs? They don't have the experience or knowledge of a playoff contender. That will hurt them in big games.

Also, head coach Brad Childress is inexperienced.

To the Vikes' credit, the backfield duo of Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor is a deadly one—and both players have been fantasy gold down the stretch.

Still, that's not enough for me. But then again maybe I'm wrong. Do you think these Vikes have enough to make a serious run in this year's playoffs?

Let me hear about it below.