Usain Bolt To The NFL?

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2008

The fastest man on the face of the earth being shipped over to the NFL? That's what I've been reading and hearing a lot lately. It all started when I was looking at the results from the Olympics on Yahoo Sports. I came across an interesting article written by one of Yahoo's writers, Nick Friedell.

This really got me thinking, could this really work? Usain Bolt is without a doubt a genetic freak and there would be absolutely nobody able to keep up with him if he's sprinting a vertical route on Sunday's, but there are plenty of other questions that arise.

First of all we know he has the size, 6'5 190 pounds, and obviousely we know he has the speed, 9.69 in the 100m and 19.30 in the 200m, but does he have the intangibles. Who could possibly know? Unless of course there is some hidden footage somewhere on the internet that shows Bolt running cross patterns in the fields of Jamaica.

There are plenty of concerns. One, can he catch a ball. Sure it may seem easy, but I still see some of the top wide receivers in the NFL dropping passes, example: Terrell Owens. Two, can he run a correct pattern. Another obstacle that seams easy, but again some of the top receivers still fail to accomplish even this small feat. Finally, can he take a hit. You can have all the speed in the world, but if you can't take a hit, there's no use even pursuing a football career.

On the other hand, let's look at the positives. Put this guy on a team with an experienced quarterback along with some veteran receivers that will gladly take him under their wings, and you could have something really special. Bolt is only 22 years old, the age of most rookie receivers. He's full of potential and if he were to get the key elements down, he could be one of the best. Sure that's a prediction, but what if it does happen?

Usain Bolt has proven on the world's biggest stage, that he doesn't get stage fright. In fact it appears that he thrives on it. He's already got the personality to be an NFL receiver. Would playing in front of 50,000 people even phase this guy? I don't think so.

Well whatever happens, it's still fun to think about. I'm sure Bolt is comfortable with the label as the "fastest man ever." I know I would be.