Open Mic: Sanctified Stars or Scum-Sucking Sidewinders?

J.C. AyvaziSenior Analyst IAugust 20, 2008

Will the Olympics ever be totally clean and above board?  Not a chance. Human nature prevents that from happening as there will always be some who think they have a foolproof way of getting around the rules.  They might be successful for a while, but the other shoe will drop somehow someway.

That doesn't mean all competition is tainted.  More stringent testing by countries tired of being embarrassed will be a factor.  Teammates who don't want their accomplishments tainted by a member with a faulty morality switch will keep vigil.  Advances by lab testing at the Games will make it harder to slide by.

Records will continue to fall due to improvements in training and equipment.  The swimming records testify to that.  These sleek suits cut through water so much better than before.  Training methods have also improved and are more available.

Michael Phelps has stated that he asked for more strenuous testing because he could see how some may claim he cheated.  He wanted to document all along the way just how clean his system was enhancement-wise.

Usain Bolt's achievements have to be taken at face value until there is verifiable proof he cheated.  Just because some may not like his style is no reason to smear his accomplishments.

It's sad commentary if we allow the sins of some previous twits to mar our enjoyment of the current games.   And yes, that was a Monty Python reference.

As one announcer pointed out, we all live in the world.

There is no way all those Chinese female gymnasts are 16 or older. It is strange how the Chinese officials would allow this sort of question to linger over their showplace event.  One of those girls is 13 if she is a day, in my opinion.  That's not to say they are not talented.

Maybe there should be different divisions by weight, as in boxing or judo.  I'm sure the TV networks wouldn't mind two or three times the medals being awarded since gymnastics is a great ratings draw.

Has the IOC cleaned up the games?  A better question is has the IOC cleaned themselves up.  Axing baseball and softball shows a continuing Euro influence to the detriment of the Americas and Asia.

As I stated earlier, the games will never be totally clean because of human nature.  So the IOC can never be totally clean either.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't support the current games though.