How To Make Any Sport Sound Like the Most Boring Sport In the World

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How To Make Any Sport Sound Like the Most Boring Sport In the World

We've all been there: someone insulted your favorite sport.  Now you can get them back.  Below I've described every sport I know so that they sound like the most boring, pointless game.  Enjoy them now, use them on your arch-enemy later. 

Basketball: All you do is try to shoot a ball into a basket.

Football: All you do is try to get the ball into the endzone.

Baseball: It's just trying to hit a moving ball with a bat.

Golf: It's just trying to hit a stationary ball.

Tennis: All you do is try to hit a moving ball with a racket.

Volleyball: All you try to do is hit a ball over a net.

Running: All you do is move as fast as you can.

Hockey: It's just trying to get a puck into a net.

Soccer: It's just kicking a ball around.

Auto racing: It's just going around a track in a car.

Handball: All you do is try to throw a ball into a net

Ping-pong: All you do is try to hit a tiny ball over a net.

Dodgeball: It's just trying to get everyone on the other team out.

Riflery: It's just trying to shoot a target with a gun.

Archery: It's just trying to hit a target with an arrow.

Hunting: It's just trying to shoot animals.

Lacrosse: All you do is try to get a small ball into a small net.

Boxing: All you do is try to hit the other guy.

Swimming: All you do is move through water.

Diving: All you do is try to jump into a pool with minimal splashing.

And that's how you insult every sport (every one that I know, at least).   

Note: I was not trying to demean any sport by writing this.  I was just trying to write something creative and original that you and other fellow writers could relate to.  I'm sorry if I offended anyone.  I know that these sports take far more skill and have much more to them than I made it sound like. 

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