10 Things YOU Should Have Learned From Watching WWE As A Kid

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10 Things YOU Should Have Learned From Watching WWE As A Kid



Let’s face it–we’re old. Now some of us may be older than others, but when you reach the point in life where you stop looking forward to being a year older (usually after our 21st birthday), you’re old in my book. After turning 25 a few months ago, I now realize the glory days are over. I’m pretty much the Brett Favre of the college scene. It’s disgusting. Someone needs to shoot this old horse.

After wandering aimlessly around the streets of L.A. for many a moon as an unemployed loser (kayfabe), I felt it pertinent to sit down and think about some of the things that influenced my childhood. Naturally, a few different things popped into my head: White House interns, Chris Farley, Michael Jordan, Pogs, Salute Your Shorts, OJ, Trapper Keepers, buckets of fries at McDonald’s…then it hit me–wrestling!

I began to ponder just how much wrestling has subconsciously influenced my behavior and overall outlook on life. Maybe there WAS a reason why I randomly gave Johnny a Clothesline From Hell in the 7th grade, or maybe there WAS a reason why I randomly called Stacy, my prom date, a sanctimonious son-of-a-bXXXX. It’s amazing to me that a simple TV show could leave such an impression on my youth–and consequently my adulthood. So now that I am enlightened, I now present to you 10 things you should have learned by watching WWE as a kid. Keep in mind that this is MY perspective and being a kid for me was from 1985 (born)-1998.

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