World Wrestling Entertainment and the FANS of the WWE

Maruf HossainContributor IAugust 19, 2008

The World Wrestling Entertainment has been on network for a very long time. I think personally that the old superstars from the past like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and many more should return to once again wrestle. These are superstars that are legends in the wwe. These are the greatest wrestlers ever to set  foot in a wwe ring. In the future of course there will be lots more legends like these such as Batista, John Cena, Rey Mysterio and many others.

The fans want to see some old wwe wrestlers of the past and present. Like when ever The Rock comes to RAW all of a sudden people have a ovation for that WWE superstar of the past. People don't forget such people and the fans would love to have such wrestlers in each and every show for some time. There should be such wrestlers, that way the fans will truly have lots of entertainment. Every WWE superstar wrestles for the entertainment of the fans and for the pay check. So, why not give the people what they want and bring back the old superstars.    

Also the idea I've had for the past two days is that the WWE Board of Directors should let more extreme type of matches every week on the shows. Raw, Smackdown and ECW fans want more more extreme. If the WWE Board of Directors want to make more invesment in their business there should be more STEEL CAGE, HELL IN A CELL, ELIMINATION CHAMBER STREET FIGHTS, HARDCORE MATCHES, BURIED ALIVE, CASKET, PARKING LOT BRAWL, FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE matches every single week on Raw, SmackDown and ECW. The WWE can gain a lot from doing this.

If wrestling is meant for the entertainment for the fans then shouldn't WWE give to the fans what they really wanna see LIVE!  All these kinds of matches happen only in Pay - Per - Views but it should happen every week LIVE! World Wrestling Entertainment has many things to gain from this and they should really think real hard about doing all this. 

Also instead of just 2 hours of entertainment it should be 3 hours for each show including ECW which is only 1 hour long which sucks even more. The WWE has alot to gain like publicity, money, and lots of profit for their business. Now everyone knows that Wrestling is fake but for the best of WWE and the millions of Fans there should be these matches every single week.