Randy Orton Vs John Cena Wrestlemania 27 The Inevitable

Leonel DeleonContributor IOctober 6, 2010

The perfect showdown to close Wrestlemania 27
The perfect showdown to close Wrestlemania 27

Randy Orton and John Cena are arguably the two biggest stars in the WWE today. Some people compare the two to Steve Austin & Rock. While I can see where those parallels meet, it just doesn’t hold up as much as some would want it to. Austin & Rock have faced off at WrestleMania on 3 separate occasions: WrestleMania 15, 17, and 19. I thought all three matches were great, with excellent builds in promotion. Randy Orton and Cena have had a long history in the ring, with the two headlining many PPV’s together. It’s crazy to think the two have never headlined the grandest stage of them all. As we all know Randy Orton has been a heel for most of his Pro wrestling career, and John Cena has been a face for most of his career. When people continue to see the same matches at the top of the card, there’s just no interest to a point where no matter how big each superstar is, there’s just no more juice to milk the cow, unless you change things around.

Randy Orton is currently the WWE champion, and a long run would benefit him and the prestige of the title itself. Randy Orton should hold on to the WWE title at least until WrestleMania 27. Randy Orton is an anti-hero/face (whatever you guys prefer); who does what he wants when he wants , and John Cena is bound for a heel turn sometime.  John being currently involved in the Nexus angle, is a member of the nexus and being associated with a heel stable will change Mr. Cena’s perspective on his outlook on success in the WWE. The WWE is always replaying storylines as the years go by, they can incorporate a story line with John turning heel.  He goes on a rampage kind of like stone cold did in the late 2000 to mid-2001 until his heel turn. It can be a similar storyline to the one of the Rock and Austin in 2001. John Cena will somehow get in title picture, and we all know he will compete for a title in all his years for the company at WrestleMania. Of course it can’t be the exact same storyline but with the same elements, and of course the core idea of John turning heel with the help of someone.

It’s ironic how people constantly compare Rock to Cena, and Randy to Austin. Austin turned heel in 2001, but Randy being his as some would say PG reflection is not the one destined to turn heel when WrestleMania 27 rolls around. If Cena were to turn heel at Mania, and grabs  the gold from Orton he would need the help of no one other than Mr. McMahon. It would be the perfect end to the grandest stage of them all and have the dawn of a rejuvenated John Cena, a heel john Cena.