Fantasy Football 101: How to Win in the Playoffs

Forrest KobayashiSenior Analyst IDecember 13, 2007

So, you've qualified for your Fantasy Football playoffs, huh?

Whether it is your first time ever in a Fantasy Football playoff picture, or your twelfth consecutive year at making the big dance, I congratulate you.

Here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind during this ever-important time:

You still need to manage your roster!

So you work your butt off for fourteen weeks, setting lineups, making tough trade decisions, and reviewing matchups, just to forget about it all now?

Keep a close eye on your roster and watch to be sure that the players that brought you to the playoffs are still the same quality players you are looking for to participate in your fantasy playoffs.

It isn't great if that once red-hot Detroit defense cools down for you, or has a poor matchup, in your first week of playoffs.

Watch the weather reports closely.

Fantasy Football playoffs are typically held in December, last time I checked. Be sure to check the weather reports for each game prior to kickoff, as the weather can have a significant effect on how your players perform when it matters most.

You don't want to start a mediocre Jay Cutler in a snowy Buffalo game, would you?

Weather reports tend to be forgotten about, but it is highly important that you look at these and prepare for the worst. Snow, ice, and wind can all change a fantasy matchup.

Scan the waiver wire like a hawk.

All that it takes is one pickup, one mistake drop, or one big hit to win or lose a fantasy championship. Players that perform well in the later weeks of the season could end up winning you your league.

People put a huge emphasis on the draft, but many players have already changed rosters up to this point, so if you have a questionable matchup in your lineup, check out your fantasy waiver wire to see if there is a player out there that can greatly help you out.

Get past Week 15 (or Week 16, if your championship is in Week 17).

Most leagues tend to offer a runner-up prize, so if you can win your week 15 matchup, you are guaranteed to come out of the season with some prize money!

Do not neglect your lineup this late in the season, and play the best lineup you can. Don't concern yourself so much with who your opponent is starting... simply start the best lineup you can possibly field and send them out there.

Most of all, have fun.

You made it to the fantasy playoffs as one of the best teams in your league, and few owners can say they have made it there before.

Congratulate yourself, give yourself a pat on the back, and relax and enjoy the last few weeks of the regular season.

After all, the playoffs aren't too far away!