The Undertaker VS Mankind In Hell In a Cell: Setting a New WWE Standard

nwlirnfiauwbckjsdnfkjawn fknfqoeirnfoajernfoajenCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2008

"Good God almighty! Good God almighty! They've killed him! As God as my witness, he is broken in half!" The famous words color commentator Jim Ross shouted as wrestler Mankind plunged down from the 16 foot high cage onto an announce table.

A highly anticipated match up between two main event status superstars.  The Hell in a Cell match was still getting its feet wet in the WWE, and everybody couldn't get enough of it.

The match started off with Mankind pacing back and forth on top of the steel structure, with a steel chair in hand.  

Undertaker entered the arena and climbed up to face his opponent.  After exchanging several right hands and a couple chair shots The Undertaker, out of nowhere, threw Mankind off of the cage onto the Spanish announce table.

Seconds later, EMTs, the chairman of the company... and even Terry Funk scattered to help the fallen superstar.

The steel cage was lifted so medical personnel could get a stretcher thorugh.  Mankind was helped on it and was carried out to the ramp

Believed to be over, Mankind started to stand with the old King of Hardcore smile on his face.  EMTs trying to hold the injured wrestler failed as Mankind started to climb up again.

As the roar of the crowd behind him, Mankind fought with the Undertaker...  Only to be chokeslamed through the roof onto the hard ring canvas down below.

"That's it he's dead".  Jerry "The King" Lawler exclaimed as once again The Undertaker threw Mankind down below.

Oh but the Deadman didn't stop there.  He climbed down through the hole that he made and made his way to the unconscious Mankind.  

Several people trying to stop The Undertaker from doing anymore harm failed miserably.  With internal bleeding, Mankind struggled to keep The Undertaker back.

With a shift of momentum, Mankind made several piledrivers to The Phenom.  With Mankind finally enjoying himself he went under the ring to get some of his favorite toys... thumbtacks.

He scattered hundreds of thumbtacks in the ring.  Mankind got the mandible claw sleeper hold on The Undertaker.  Undertaker conjured up the energy that he had left and lifted Mankind onto his back.  You know how this ended... Boom! The Undertaker slammed Mankind right onto the thumbtacks. 

Mankind stunned from the pain quickly stood up.  The Merciless Undertaker grabbed him by the throat and chokslammed him once again onto the thumbtacks.  

To seal the deal The Undertaker finally lifted him up and performed his specialty... the Tombstone.  

One Two Three.  The match was over.  These two wrestlers gave all they had.  The crowd was explosive.

A match that is a favorite to many won the Pro Wrestling Illustrated's match of the year of 1998.

No match past, present, or future may ever come close to this legendary match.

The Phenom, The Deadman, The Undertaker.  This event has labeled Hell in a Cell as the Undertaker's match.  Possibly maybe a preview of what The Undertaker has in store for Edge in Sunday night at Summerslam. RIP