NBA Rumors: Ben Gordon to the 76ers?

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IAugust 16, 2008

"I guess it's safe to say I've played my last game in a Bulls uniform," Ben Gordon said on Friday. The frustrated restricted free agent is currently looking to get a move done as training camp is just a month away.

The Chicago Bulls are currently filled with a back court in Derrick Rose, Larry Hughes, Kirk Hinrich, and Thabo Sefolosha. The man left out is Gordon, who averaged 18 points for the Bulls last season.

Gordon is one of the best shooters in the game. His problem is consistency. With him coming off the bench he had his best production. There is no reason for any team not to want Gordon.

No team has yet expressed interest in him, but there is a possibility of a sign and trade or Gordon will end up going the European route and make more money than he would in the NBA. 

If a team does make a sign and trade, I see Gordon going to the Cavaliers, Hornets, or the 76ers.

The Cavaliers are making their moves now in the summer by getting PG Maurice Williams from the Bucks. They are not done yet. Ben Gordon would be an ideal fit in Cleveland. He could spread the floor with LeBron finding him and he is the kind of scorer they need.

A trade scenario could be a sign and trade with Gordon by sending him for Wally Szczerbiak and a second round pick.

In Wally the Bulls would get a player who can come off the bench and shoot. They'd also look forward to his large expiring contract.

Last season the Hornets surprised many people as they put themselves out there as a contender in the West. Adding Gordon would add depth to the team and they'd have another shooter that can fit very well in a pick and roll system.

A scenario could work in which Gordon would be sent for a first round pick. In this situation Gordon would become Morris Peterson's back up as Gordon and James Posey could spark the bench.

The last place Gordon could end up is with the 76ers. They have had arguably the best offseason by adding Elton Brand to the young core of players. They are looking to be a contender next year in the East.

The addition of Gordon would give them an upgrade over Willie Green as a shooting guard. He can spread the floor and feed off of Andre Iguodala and Andre Miller. Adding Gordon would make them a better overall team and could even, in my opinion, make them the second best team in the East, behind the Celtics.

The 76ers could trade talented Reggie Evans for Gordon. Evans really had an effective year last year, especially in the playoffs against the Pistons. He is a PF who can be the post presence the Bulls need.

With Brand, Thadeus Young, impressive rookie Maureese Speights, and Jason Smith, the 76ers are full of forwards who can play.

Gordon is one of the best shooters in basketball and it is going to be a mistake for the Bulls to let him go. With Rose coming in and Hinrich likely to be the shooting guard, Gordon is the odd man out.

I see Gordon ending up with the 76ers. This would be the best fit for him where he does not have to be the star. He would give the 76ers the most balanced lineup in the NBA. If nothing works out, however, expect Gordon to being the highest paid overseas player ever.