WEC 51: Why Isn't Jose Aldo The Best Pound For Pound Fighter In The World?

Jon LeeCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2017

In just a little over two hours WEC 51 will begin, headlined by Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo taking on former The Ultimate Fighter contestant Manny Gamburyan.

Almost everyone and their mothers have predicted a win for Aldo, yet when the idea of the best pound for pound fighter in the World is brought up, Aldo's name is rarely mentioned.

Until recently Aldo rarely if ever appeared on top 10 lists and was mostly unknown to the more mainstream MMA fans.

Now you'll see Aldo ranked between 3rd and 6th in most P4P lists, but my question is this...

Why isn't Jose Aldo the best Pound for Pound fighter in the World?

Anderson Silva was pushed around for 4 and a half rounds against an allegedly chemically enhanced Chael Sonnen and was lucky to escape with his title and UFC winning streak in tact.

Georges St Pierre hasn't finished a fight in almost two full years.

Brock Lesnar has only fought 6 times.

Fedor Emelianko,  lost to the very complicated and secret technique of a "triangle armbar" which I learned defenses for in my 6th Jiu Jitsu class.

Let's contrast this with Mr. Aldo, who as of tonight, has a 17-1 record with 11 KOs, including an incredible 6 in a row. Not only that, but we've yet to see his ground game where he has a very high level black belt in Jiu-Jitsu.

He's thoroughly embarrassed two formerly dominant champions in Urijah Faber and Mike Brown.

And if that's not enough, that one loss on his record, it came 5 years ago.

If Jose Aldo takes care of business tonight he'll have two straight title defenses and in my opinion the pound for pound belt.