Case Of D´Angelo Dinero: Why TNA Cannot Succeed With Imitating Of The Rock

HellbillyCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2010

Before I start, I´d like to apologize to all my fans for not writing an article for so long. I can say just one thing-blame school, LOL. I don´t wanna sound alibistic, but my schedule was really tight for past weeks. So again, let me say sorry, an we can move on, to actual writing!

Being a person, who was breastfed on WWE wrestling, I never cared much about rival promotion, TNA. They always seemed to me like little brother, trying to be as big as Connecticut Collosus, but while having problems to distance themselves from indies. A year back, I was in the state where I haven´t seen a single episode of Impact and most notable thing about TNA for me was the fact that Kurt Angle is there.

But then I realised, I shouldn´t be so ignorant and should learn something more about Orlando-based promotion. So, I started to get more informations, youtubed some of their matches and watched some episodes of Hermie´s Hotseat (and just wished Alissa Flash to give that moron a Kudo Driver) and my first Impact. I noticed some of the things about TNA. One thing that is pretty visible is TNA´s Bischoff, Hogan and Russo-created model of making concurence to copying them.

Person demonstrating this politics of TNA is The Preacher from the Streets of Harlem, The Pope, Mr. D´Angelo Dinero. Previously known as Elijah Burke during his time in WWE, Dinero is epitome of this, since TNA openly makes him look like their version of The Great One, The Rock.

While their gimmicks may be different, their character´s manners and atributes are similar. Both are charismatic superstars with great mic skills (of course, Rock´s charisma and mic skills are on whole different level than Dinero´s), with somewhat cocky attitude and same manners. 

When I first saw Dinero (in Hotseat), I was actually so disgusted that I stopped watching it after 3 minutes. Whole refering to himself in third persons, the attitude, it all screamed how hard this guy tries to be like Rock. I wouldn´t be surprised if he said "If ya smell what The Pope is cookin´". I´m not the only one who feels similar. I saw D´Angelo Dinero being dubbed TNA´s Rock multiple times, with claims that he can be as big as the Brahma Bull one day. Can it be really true?

To be honest, I don´t think so. First of all, The Rock is a one of a kind entertainer. His mic skills and charisma levels aren´t matched by any human being to ever set foot in the wrestling ring.

Second, Rock was heavily pushed since his start. While most of the fans hated it, since he was pure definition of vanilla babyface back then, it turned out to be blessing in disguise when he joined Nation of Domination and turned into man we love. Dinero is in upper mid-card and didn´t win any title so far in TNA.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that he isn´t very liked backstage, since many people there feel like his character got into his head too much. So, maybe we can smell de-push for him?

So, what to say at the end? I´m not denying that D´Angelo Dinero can be a star, I just don´t think that he will be ever able to cook so delicious pot of entertainment as The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment could. Some meals of wrestling world are just too difficult to prepare.