TUF 12: Five Things We Learned From Last Night's Episode

Will AndersonCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2010

TUF 12: Five Things We Learned From Last Night's Episode

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    In the third episode of the season, we were treated to the much anticipated TUF debut of Team GSP's No. 1 pick, Michael Johnson.  

    In case you didn't get a chance to see it, we've decided to give you the best five things that you can take away from last night's episode. 

    Some highlights include:

    The appearance of a boxing legend

    Pranking a champ

    A straight-up brawl 

Bruce Leroy Talkin' The Smack

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    getting cocky
    getting cocky

    Good ol' Bruce Leroy started off the episode by acting a bit cocky after his win over Jeff Lentz.

    He bored everyone in the house with his gloating, and is looking to set himself up as the royal pain in the house once this season is said and done. 

Josh Koscheck Is A Strong Leader

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    Firm but fair
    Firm but fairTasos Katopodis/Getty Images

    After his team showed a real lack of effort in their workout, Koscheck broke his team down and let them have it. 

    He showed real character in that he decided to make his team realize that this is their one opportunity to be fighters in the UFC. 

GSP Getting Punk'd

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    Koscheck is going to pay in December
    Koscheck is going to pay in DecemberAlexandra Wyman/Getty Images

    In the first prank of the season, Josh Koscheck and his coaches decided to mess with opposing coach GSP by blocking in his car on both sides thus making it pretty difficult to get in. 

    No worries though, the more that Koscheck pours it on, the more likely that he'll get destroyed when he fights in December. 

Iron Mike

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    Tyson, a long time MMA fan
    Tyson, a long time MMA fanVittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

    You gotta love Mike Tyson. The rise, fall, and then the rise again of a man whose life has been focused on fighting is one of the most interesting sportsmen of our time. 

    UFC president Dana White invited the former Heavyweight champ to come down to the gym and meet with the guys, which was a great treat. 

    Looking good Mike, Keep it going!

This Week's Fight Was Great

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    This week, fighters from each side represented themselves pretty well, with Round 1 going to the Brit Aaron Wilkinson and Round 2 to Michael Johnson.

    The third round was all Johnson, as he attacked the Brit with reckless abandon.