Randy "The Natural" Couture is Thinking About Retirement?

Jake SauickieCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2010

These last few days, I've been searching for any big news I can get about Randy Couture.

Since he punished James "Lights Out" Toney at UFC 118, I know Couture barely broke a sweat that night and I've been wondering who he wants to fight next.

But while searching across the world wide web, I've come across some news about how Randy is possibly thinking about retirement.

At least, that's what his lawyer said in a recent interview.

The first thing I said to myself was, WHY?!?!

Couture is in phenomenal shape for his age, he can still hang with good fighters like Brandon Vera and Minotauro Nogueira, and he is currently riding a three-fight win streak.

So I have to ask Randy, "Why retire now?"

Couture may not be in the running for a title shot or give the top-five light heavyweights any trouble, but he can still fight.

I'm not saying he should be turned into a gatekeeper for the sport, but there are definitely some interesting fights I'd like to see Randy take.

I feel like calling up Joe Silva and telling him some ideas I have right now.

There are several guys Randy can fight in the UFC and I can guarantee anyone that the MMA world will be watching.

At heavyweight, I would like to see Couture fight Cro Cop and put the final nail in his coffin. Also, while he did lose to Big Nog back at UFC 102, I can see Randy coming up with a better gameplan and avenging that loss.

At light heavyweight, there are a ton of guys Randy can fight and people would still pay big money to see.

I can see Joe Silva matching Couture up with the likes of Thiago Silva, Rich Franklin, Forrest Griffin, Little Nog, etc.

While "The Natural" may be aging, it is clear that he still has enough skill to keep fighting and adding to his legacy.

Randy currently has two fights left on his contract and I would like to see him get out with a nice win streak and a better fight record than 19-10. (Possibly 21-10 if he finishes his current contract.)

But I do hope Couture's final highlights won't be his victory of Toney.