ESPN on XBOX Live: The Best of's Live Events on Your HDTV

Tim WoodSenior Writer ISeptember 29, 2010

Today is the day that your online sports watching experience is going to change forever.

Sounds like hyberbole, right? Well, that’s what they said when the Xbox launched back in 2001 and now look at how it dominates the gaming landscape.

When you combine the best game console and online gaming out there with the worldwide leader in sports, it’s not exactly a stretch to think this could be a revolutionary day.

XBOX Live and ESPN are teaming up to bring the popular experience to a whole new level through your XBox 360.

Starting today, the companies are rolling out a preview of a technology that will launch to 25 million users worldwide in November.

Here’s what coming:

3,500 sporting events a year piped through your Xbox 360.

Hey, I’ve enjoyed immensely since its launch, but there are times when you just don’t want to be sitting at your computer. Now, you can get all the events from on your living-room 60-inch HDTV. 

We’re talking about MLB games, NBA, Premier League Soccer and most international soccer leagues, and a ton of college hoops and football. I was able to see Tennessee vs. UAB Saturday when I couldn’t find it on the dish. A beautiful thing.

Your Xbox 360 controller works as a DVR while you’re watching the games.


Games at a Glance

Want to keep up on the latest scores from around the sports world? Games at a Glance provides you with real-time score information using’s score feed without leaving the game you’re watching.

You can access Games at a Glance by pressing the “Y” button and scores for leagues and games currently in the feed are instantly available. Select “Watch Live” or “Watch Replay” to jump straight into that game.

Predict the Winner

Pick what team you think will win. While watching selected games in college football, college basketball, MLB, and NBA, you will be prompted to vote for your team of choice.

You’ll also see the percentage of votes among the Xbox LIVE viewing community.

Voice Chat

I especially enjoyed this. It’s using the Xbox headset technology that allows you to trash someone while taking them on in “Madden” online. Voice chat with up to seven other friends while watching the big game—it’s like they are on the couch next to you.

When the Kinect feature comes online Nov. 4, you’re not even going to need the game controller anymore. Use your hands and voice to check out scores and change to other games.

This is just the beginning of the upgrades to Xbox Live. Over the next few months, you’ll be able to access millions of Zune songs and videos and more video features through Kinect.

The preview we’ve enjoyed (ummm, immensely would be putting it lightly) has had EPL, PGA, MLB, college football, poker and CFL broadcasts.

It’s just the beginning.

We can’t wait to see how Kinect makes this even better.