If You Need To Know What Football Should Be Like, Buy This Book

True BlueCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2010

A true gentleman, Joe Mercer.
A true gentleman, Joe Mercer.

It's not often that a great football player overcomes a severe injury and makes it back to the top; in years before modern treatments, it was almost unheard of.

It's not often a player is considered great by supporters, less so supporters of two clubs.

It's even more unusual for a man to be loved by supporters of more than one club for his management.

So imagine what it takes for fans of four clubs and an even entire nation to take him to their hearts.

And imagine overcoming a stroke before you greatest managerial successes are achieved.

All of the above happened to a man very rarely remembered by modern football fans or even modern footballers.

Where Brian Clough is considered a genius and where Don Revie revolutionary, they are still remembered for rubbing people up the wrong way and for their confrontational approach to the game.

So if you want to read a football book that is truly inspirational, then you simply must read the Gary James authored biography of Joe Mercer, OBE: Football With a Smile.



And here are the fans for whom it should be must a read, as he helped your club achieve more than it could have dreamt of before his involvement:

As A Player



As A Manager

Sheffield United

Aston Villa

Manchester City



It is rare for a book about a sportsperson to put a smile on my face and leave me feeling better about the sport it discusses, but this book did exactly that.

And for anyone too young to young to remember the pre-Sky TV footballing world, then buy it for your dad or grandadthey will thank you for it.