WWE NXT: Going Off Of Television, Say It Ain't So!!!

Bleacher ReportContributor ISeptember 29, 2010

Hello there, Bleacher Report. I’m here with some grave and shocking news. I’m sure no one saw this coming and all will be dismayed when I say that WWE NXT season three (rhymes) is going off of television to be shown on wwe.com. Did anyone expect this to happen?!

I hope we all recognize a good bit of sarcasm. But I also have a serious question for you all…Will anyone miss it?

Now, we’ve known for weeks that Syfy was not scheduled to air any more episodes of NXT after October 1st, but for a while I was under the impression that they just hadn’t signed a deal and that something would be inked out. Why would I think this?! Who would seriously agree to air it now?

I fancy myself an optimist but lately the WWE has been disappointing me immensely with their creative decisions (or not creative) and lack of quality programming. I don’t like to take a negative stance on many things at all but I’ve found that I’ve been getting more and more negative in my comments and even my articles, and I feel okay about that. I think I feel okay about that because my negative feelings and writing is justified. The programming is terrible.

Monday Night Raw has usually been good and Smackdown has been pretty good (hopefully the move to Syfy will give it a bit of life), but NXT has become a complete and total joke, and WWE knows it. When CM Punk was on he was making fun of it, and Michael Cole constantly tells it like it is and rips on the terrible show. The only people who seem to think the show is good are Josh Mathews and the rookie Divas. Everyone else seems to be seeing it for what it is—a complete and utter waste of time.



I understand that I’m being pretty harsh but I feel that this criticism is warranted. I was one of the few in the IWC who was defending NXT just before the premiere of season three. I wanted to give it a chance and thought it was a breath of fresh air and had the potential to be a great show. Never have I been more wrong and I’m slightly embarrassed for the things I said about the show before it aired. I feel like my credibility has been slighted greatly, that’s how bad the show has become.

I apologize to the one or two NXT fans out there who may be reading this but I feel like most will agree with the absurdity that this program has become. Season one was great, resulting in Nexus. Season two was good, giving us Kaval and Alex Riley (we’ve yet to see anyone else return). Season three is attractive. That’s all I can say about season three. They’re good to look at, that’s all. The rookies fall flat on their faces when giving promos and I can’t see any of them making it to the roster as a serious title contender. Did anyone else notice that there wasn’t even a match on this week’s episode? Seriously?! I’d say that a large part of the WWE audience watches their wrestling programming to see wrestling. You can’t have a wrestling program without wrestling, what IS that?!

The sole detail that made the show watchable (besides how attractive the Divas are) was the commentating. Josh Mathews really is improving as an awkward face and Michael Cole’s heel character has really blossomed into something of its very own. Even having CM Punk on one episode was great.

I personally will not be wasting my time or bandwidth watching NXT online. It’s not worth my attention no matter who is commentating. Maybe I’d check it out when I need something nice to look at but the downside to that is that I’ll have to hear them speak, too. I guess my gripe with the move is that I don’t even see a point in continuing with the mediocrity. Put this gimp horse out of its misery and just end the nonsense.


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