WWE's Roster Doesn't Need to Merge: It Would Kill WWE

RipperCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2010

Okay Alice, you saw that rabbit right, the one that ran down the hole? Go ahead; chase it. Now you're falling between clocks and scary things. Where are you now? Wonderland. 

What do you see? To the left, it’s two separate WWE shows with four championship titles, the champions are able to go to either show and defend their title. To the right, one massive brand, four titles. What’s wrong here? 

Let’s focus our attention to the left for now, two shows and unified champions. Let’s say, for arguments sake, we have ourselves: World Champion, Mid-Card Champion, Tag Team Champions, and a Women’s Division Champion.

This formula of allowing the champions to cross-brand, could only work if executed right (not exactly what the WWE is known for), and that way would be keeping everyone else separate from the equation.

Meaning not to allow other stars to show up on the other brand (Smackdown or Raw) for any reason at all.

Not a Smackdown star cutting a promo on Raw because the champ is there and they are rivals. No, none of that.

The same rule should apply for a beat down from a Raw star if the champ is visiting on Smackdown.

Now, if you’re nodding you’re head thinking; that’s what I was thinking, I’ve gone ahead and thought ahead. This won’t work either.

I want to focus our attention on the World Championship solely, so as to not get confused. We’d see the champ wrestle on the opposing brand from which he came, and it won’t always be for the Title, he’d have interbrand matches quite a bit, even if it didn’t look that way at first, it would happen.

Soon he’d drop the title and someone else would pick it up and he’d have interbrand matches also.

It’s going to eventually become a muddled and jumbled catastrophe, we’ll have more interbrand matches then ever. How so?

Now I’d like to bring in the other unified titles. Everyone is running a muck on both shows it’s becoming chaos.

The formula starts to break and we’re having wrestlers invade other brands to get to the champions (as the non-invasion skit gets boring fast) eventually nullifying the brands all together and creating something horrible. A mess.

WWE might now decide to bring in more titles, start up draft, and slowly bring in the now defunct titles lost from before the merge, which have lost prestige, as they were left to rust. 

It’s okay Alice, look to the right! Or don’t, because it ain’t pretty; one massive brand with four titles (four if we count the Tag Team Champions as one).

Do I have to bring up TNA? Fine. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is this, an overcrowded mess of a show; the old guys get a push while the young guys get pulled backwards whilst dragging their fingernails on and across the ground. 

If WWE were to make one brand so, we’d no longer have Internet darlings to complain about, as they’re not getting a push as there just wouldn’t be any to push (or hardly any, maybe two or three).

A JoMo push, now, are you kidding me? Evan Bourne taking a stab? Give me a “Hell no!”. Christian, well, I can already imagine the conversation at some-kind-of board meeting, “Christian, that backstabber?” yeah, that’s how it’d probably go for him.

Different storylines would be all over the place, we’d have face to heel, and heel to face turns every other week; we’d see great talent wasted; we’d see great rivalries end abruptly.

We’d see the coming and going of talent all the time, and hell we may even see another brand start crushing WWE (not TNA, as they’re already on this boat). This paragraph could honestly go on and on.

Guys, let us not put these ideas in the WWE’s thinking. We know that they’ve been listening to us lately. Look at NXT, Kaval, Daniel Bryan, the Sheamus push, Randy Orton, Bret Hart, the end of guest hosts that run Raw, The Nexus, and the current JoMo push-ish. They’ll hear us and we’ll be sorry.

No Alice, don’t fall down that hole. Don’t fall down that hole.