Moving On Over: The Superstars That Should Move To Smackdown!

Cliff HershleyContributor ISeptember 28, 2010

Jericho would be head over heels to go to Smackdown!
Jericho would be head over heels to go to Smackdown!Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Edge- I'm a little biased when it comes to Edge because he is my favorite wrestler to watch. It has been very frustrating for me to watch Edge wander around Raw. Sure he has been in the main events several times since the draft in April, but it really has felt like purgatory. He has taken the backseat to the other main event attractions on Raw, and I feel like he can immediately make an impact on Smackdown. After the Kane-Undertaker feud is over with, he could instantly enter the title picture against the winner . A feud with Christian also would have been nice, but since the report is that Christian will be out for awhile, it doesn't look like that will happen soon. At any rate, “The Rated R Superstar” deserves to be main eventing on the blue brand.

Chris Jericho- Now I know Jericho will probably end up taking some time off to tour with Fozzy this Fall so I don't expect him to be back with WWE until at least Royal Rumble. However, if and when he does come back, it needs to be on Smackdown. As most of us know, Jericho can put on a 5 star match with just about anybody in the business. I think a feud with Rey Mysterio would be very interesting to see, as it would take us back to the WCW days one last time. Jericho obviously could be involved in the World Heavyweight Title picture, and with rumors of title unification swirling, Jericho could easily headline at Wrestlemania to unify the titles.

Evan Bourne- Bourne has that classic babyface appeal in the mid-card that Smackdown lacks. The mid-card on Smackdown is full of heels (Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, Swagger, etc.) Bourne could instantly switch brands and start a feud with any of the stars listed and put on good quality matches. Bourne

could be put into the Intercontinental Championship scene, and finally get some gold around his waist. My gut tells me he will be main eventing one day, so they might as well get him used to winning now.

Goldust- In my mind, Goldust is the most misused superstar in WWE right now. The man, despite the bizarre gimmick, has some serious wrestling skills. He is getting old an age, so the career might be winding down, so send him out with a bang. The obvious feud he could get into here is with his half-brother Cody Rhodes, although the “Dashing” one would probably have to drop his tag-team title to do that. You could even get the old man Dusty Rhodes in the feud between his two sons. That would bring some nice entertainment to the mid-card, and you wouldn't even need gold on the line. Goldust needs some more time in the spotlight if you ask me, and a move to Smackdown would do him justice.

The good part about this is we will know soon who moves to Smackdown very soon, so we can all see how correct we were with our predictions. Thanks for reading, and feel free to post comments below!