UGA Damage Control: Why Dawg Fans Should Not Hit the Panic Button

Dylan MartinContributor IIISeptember 28, 2010

Murray has played great and can lead Georgia out of the dark.
Murray has played great and can lead Georgia out of the dark.Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

After, a week and a half long hiatus it's time to do some damage control in the Bulldog nation. The loss to Arkansas did not seem to be that painful before the game versus Mississippi State since the Razorbacks were taking Alabama to the wire. Then one of the darkest games in recent history for Dawg fans began. 

Georgia got the ball first and went three and out after that Mississippi State took only four plays to get into the end zone and it all went down hill from there. Georgia looked just plain bad, the offense could not get rolling with stupid penalties and a terrible fumble killing their drives. The defense finally caved in and gave up 24 points to not to good Mississippi State offense.

I went to the message boards and it looked like all hell had broke lose in Dawg nation. Many fans were calling for Richt's head and saying he needs to be fired now. There were some fans who still supported some of them were attacked verbally on the boards and called "Disney Dawgs", 

I'm here to say stop and do not hit the panic button just yet, yes I know Georgia just lost to team they had not lost to in almost 40 years but everyone calm down. This season can still be salvaged with a decent bowl game and a win over rivals. 

The biggest reason to not hit the panic button is that A.J Green is coming back this week and he wants to make up for this shocking 1-3 record that he says is somewhat his fault. With Green back and playing this should help the struggling offense get some touchdowns in games.

With Green on the field other teams will be forced to take one or two men out of the box to cover him. This will give King and Ealey some more holes to run through and should improve the running game which has been gone this season. Before I continue I must say this the coaches must teach Ealey how to hold on the ball more or bench him for a while until he can prove himself.

The passing game will improve vastly, Green will give Murray the extremely deadly target he had been missing the entire season. When Green was gone others stepped up, Durham and Charles where the ones who took A.J's place. With three deadly men in the passing game Georgia should improve.

The defense has done better than most think and has vastly improved since last year. The problem is that the players are still getting used to the new scheme and should be to improve very soon. The line has been pretty good and does have to room to improve. Justin Houston has been the main man with Aken Dent being another great player. 

Another, reason for the defense struggles is in fact the offense who has struggled. If the offense improves and starts scoring more then the defense will not have that much to worry about. If the running game opens up then that will give more time for the defense to rest.

The special teams still looks good with of course somethings to improve on. They can't be scared to take it out the end zone every now and then. A big return will do wonders for an offense and should get some points on the board.Penalties need to stop as said earlier the Dawgs killed themselves with stupid and dumb penalties. The coaches must step it up on the play calling as well it can't just be the players. Mike Bobo needs to trick it up a bit more his callings are very predictable. 

A final word to all Dawg fans don't give up on the season yes a chance for an SEC title is all but gone however, that does not mean Georgia can't go to a decent bowl game. The next two games will decide on how Georgia will do this season. All the key players are back and the defense will be entering it's fifth game. Murray is getting better and Green will help him a lot.

Don't start to panic just yet the Dawgs should bounce back and try to salvage a poor start to a season. If Richt wants to stay in Athens these are must wins and I think he can pull it out this time.