UFC 119 Aftermath: I Was Totally Right

Jon LeeCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2010

Frank Mir just doesn't have what it takes
Frank Mir just doesn't have what it takesJeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

So after I predicted that UFC 119 would be a snooze-fest, the contestants went ahead and made me look like Nostradamus.

This card was atrocious.

Seriously, if not for a majorly questionable knockout, EVERY fight would have gone to a decision with only one being even the slightest bit competitive.

Almost everyone associated with this card should be ashamed of themselves. Beforehand, I discussed how none of the fights on this card had any title ramifications, and I think we all saw why on Saturday night.

Not one fighter showed me enough to change my opinion. Though we should now go through the fights one by one just to get an idea of exactly what we learned.

In the Guillard vs. Stephens matchup, we learned that Greg Jackson's camp can make anyone boring—and successful. I still don't think Guillard has the all-around game to compete in the 155-pound division, but at least until recently he was entertaining. Now, I feel like we'll be watching a cautious boxer in his next fight as well.

Sherk vs. Dunham was the one quality fight of the event, even if I don't agree with the decision. I think Dunham won the fight, but it does bring up the question of how to score takedowns in an otherwise even fight. There has to be a way to differentiate takedowns that are significant like Frankie Edgar got on B.J. Penn in their second fight from those which are takedowns in name only like Sherk got in this fight (and Edgar got in his first fight with Penn). Either way, both guys brought it here and a loss should not keep Dunham from continuing to climb the ladder at lightweight.

Serra vs. Lytle showcased two guys who looked like they couldn't wait to get their checks. Lytle did look much better than Serra, but that's not saying much. At 36 with a four-fight win streak, a case could be made for seeing Lytle against an elite contender, but he certainly didn't help his cause much with this last win.

Last and certainly least, Mir vs. Cro Cop featured a lackluster sparring match for 14 minutes before Mir landed a seemingly glancing knee and knocked Cro Cop out. Mir looked terrible and timid and I am a big fan of his. Cro Cop has been done for awhile, but he definitely looked like a fighter who needs to hang it up after this one. All Mir did with this win was demonstrate he's clearly outside of the heavyweight elite.

Thursday I'll be back with a grudging look at what's next for the winners and losers of each match.